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02-22-2013, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by sanguineviper View Post
Don't you ever break your fingers when you force these troll posts out of them? It must be horrible to be your fingers man.
Originally Posted by someguywhoplaysgames View Post
You're not fooling anyone anymore.
I read through his post twice and didn't see any thing trolly about it. You guys are vets and bigger than that.

I also think he makes some valid points about difficulty (or lack there of).

You guys act like every alert and event thus far hasn't been handled the same way. This is standard procedure and i would have been surprised if we weren't lv 30 for it. This is a small problem at best and nothing to be outraged about.

To be fair, i don't see the point of skull rank if we are all SKed to the same lv but whatever. Its not a big deal.
PVP is starving without rewards

1. Please give us Daily PVP missions that reward Questionite.
2. Please give us an exchange rate between Acclaim and Recognition so that PVP has access to all "On Alert" PVE rewards.

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