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01-11-2010, 11:55 PM
I posted this on the power form, but sence I put forth several ideas about helping the set I thought I should post it here as well

So I finally got around to making a supernatural toon and Im very confused now. Supernatural powers just seems somewhat Underwhelming compaired to other powers from the same tiers of other sets.

Take Lash for instance, this is the starter main attack power in tier one. Now Im no Number cruncher or a min maxer, but even I can tell that compaired to all the other starter powers this thing just has no bite at all. a fully charged force blast will take out in one hit what this power does in 10. and while were on the subject of chargeing, why is this the only tier one power that you have to Pay advantage points to get a Charge effect, which, by the way, only does dubble the dammage of a non charged hit and takes a full second to charge, and the Knock back also sucks. And of the asthetics note, streaching out the same arm over and over for an attack animation is very lame. Id make him alternate between the 2 arms and throw chains from both arms for the charge.

Bite works nicely and should have been the forced started power as you have to melee anyways for the energy builder. and the energy builder also looks lame, according to the desctiption your useing your hands as claws, why then, does is look like your using plummle from Brick set?

Venomious breath is accually the only power on the same level as the other cone attacks, effects only 3 ppl instead of 5 but has the same dammage for all 3 and not split amoung them, its abound the only power super has going for it at low level. BUT, its advantage does not seem to do anything at all. and when I do see it proc, it vanishs long before I can get a tool tip up to see what it says, so, just what does it do?

Iron cyclone; you would think that this power would be the Get away from me attack that every other Powerset has, elec fire force munations both tele sets and even brick have a PBaoe as does primal that does a great job pushing back mobs and even doing nice dammage to them, and only the Telepathy is on a cool down. WHY then is Iron cyclone, which seems to be the supernatural version of above powers, only do MINOR damage low chance of a knockback AND is on a 9 sec timer. its just not powerfull enough for a timer, not compaired to electricitys spark storm, its does impressive dammage AND its knockback accually throws mobs away from you.

Iron lerait is not a bad power, it seems to do what it was intended to do, get that running mob back into your bite range.

Crippling chains also seems ok, nice hold, can use it in succsition and has a useful advantage

devower essence; this one is also something to look at, its a low level damage heal, that does nice dammage and heals you... as long as your in melee range. its not a bad power and the cooldown is right, but I cant help but feel that this power is out of place so low on the tier tree. and could be moved up the tree to drain lifes level and its cool down removed. or the ability given more range.

then theirs Condem. the power that gave everyone grief through the first few months of the game. while the powers been rebalenced several times now, I cant help but feel that its out of place entirely in the supernatural tree, it just looks and feels more celestial then supernatural, like god smiteing the wicked not the other way around.

and then theirs my really big ! the Aspects. first of all theres their AOE dammage componet, its low, = to 2 attacks with a non charged lash in a close range AOE, and now here is the Issue. HOW, just HOW, do you charge a power that has to be charged to activate its effect, damaging mobs, when the attacks of said mobs INTERRUPT the power??!! also the "chance" to add an effect to other super naturel powers never seems to kick in. First of all Id change the AOE at the start of the power into a Dammage over time AOE along the lines of the energy forms from the other power sets. then Id severaly UP the chance of power procs so that you would see them kick in a lot more often, finally Id up the energy cost of keeping the power active, OR have it lower your equlaberim while active, like zombies do in primal.

Regen works rather well, and several Builds use it and it seems to be balenced with other Def Passives.
I havent even got high enough to try out the t3 powers, but I hope that soul M... and its advantage are worth the wait.

Just some things I think need looked into