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10-30-2009, 02:49 AM
As much as you have done with the costume creator to make possibilities I have noticed some very irritating things.

-So many samurai options wasting space.
-Tattoos should be separate from any article of clothing.
-Trench coats should be a back piece to be worn on any other outfit with many more options.
-Cape options are also very limited.
-Fairy Wings would be nice.
-More skin tops especially female, I can barely make a decent top to go with a mini skirt.
-Also what would help with skin tops is sleeve options (i.e. no sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves, flared sleeves.) This should be standard with almost any top whether it be shirt, jacket, or anything.
-Also more skin bottoms options especially female. Such as skin tight shorts that are not ruffled tennis shorts or booty shorts. Just tights that barely come below butt.
-Robes Robes Robes, much like Circle of Thorns in CoX, we need full robes with options such as belt or no belt, loose or tight, and of course the ability to put the hoods with them.
-Head, leg, body, tattoos that aren't ridiculous. Tribal tats should not have a skull worked into one arm. They should be darker more vibrant colors not faded as well.
-Ability to see your weapon before you choose it. I am sure you are aware of this as a problem but its a big one.

I feel these are all fairly simple changes that would greatly help us in making normal people for those of us not using super powered characters.

Thank You