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10-15-2009, 12:29 PM
Standing on the edge of the clearing in the lush jungle, our hero grimly considers the perilous mission before him. Thinking of all the innocents who would suffer if he did not continue, he resolutely steels himself to climb up the path and into the cave perched on the side of the volcano to face the unknown which lies within. Shortly the choking fumes and searing heat blur his vision, and as he fights his way into the villains lair he wonders if this will be the day that he falls in battle. As he struggles deeper and deeper inwards, fighting grimly for every inch of progress, he wonders how so many evil creatures could be packed into such a small space and still survive. After endless hours of struggling down into the very foundations of the volcano he finally draws in sight of his goal. An evil villain whose very presence somehow sends a chill down our veteran heros seat-soaked spine. Our hero contemplates the sea of defeated foes paving the entire distance back to the entrance, and is absolute positively certain that *nobody* has ever penetrated this far into the grim volcanic stronghold before. The miles of rock and magma make him very aware of how alone he is, unable to even make contact with the world far above which he is laboring to save. Nonetheless, he prepares to challenge his foe, when suddenly
New mail from @Auction House: "Auction Lot Sold."

What the?!

I pressed the "spam" button for that guy before, but that @Auction House jerk keeps sending me emails! It worked for @Socrates at least. ;)

The worst thing is, there is no way to select all that spam and delete it at once, I have to delete them one at a time. And then I have to be "sure" of every one, argh! Yes, I could keep visiting the webpage to delete the dozens of emails, but that is painful in a different way. How is Defender supposed to contact me in an emergency if my inbox is stuffed with 418 spam emails?

Please make the auction house emails *stop* (at the players option of course).

Thank you.