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10-12-2009, 04:04 PM
I don't know exactly what to call the damage/health/defense boost that drop off enemies when they die, I'll call them boost. What about one that boost experience for a short time? Double or one and a half would be cool.

Or one that doubles the amount of resources a bad guy drops.

Or one that makes you big, or the bad guys you hit small.

Or one that summons a pet or bot to fight w/ you.

Or one that gives you a special power.

Or one that makes your powers shoot twice instead of once. (one charge and the beam comes out twice)

Or one that adds a DoT to your energy builder pew-pew power.

Or one that brainwashs a nearby enemy into fighting on your side.

Of course, I think all of these should only last a short amount of time like the current boost do.