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10-06-2009, 05:55 AM
ok after playing champions for about a month now and have 2 lvl 40's ive used this time to keep them in the power house to test skills and perks abd ive noticed a few things that need fixing,

here are the top runners up for either OP or broken

1st place: sorcery

when they buffed sorcery they over buffed it,
{circle of primal dominion} needs nerfing 200 hp a second rank 1 at lvl 40 and not even specced for it.making it last only 15 seconds or so would fix the problem instead of it lasting 3 minutes or more.
{sigils of the primal storm} one of the new mini mines aoe,time to reduce the damage it does as its worse than mini mines and this is without a dex/ego build,
{circle of ebon wrath} should only work with sets like sorcery and elemental,it should not work with munitions/gadgetry/power armour/telekinesis/martial arts sets etc and only last around 15 seconds.

{heat wave} needs a drastic nerf speciay how you can have it fully maintaned and nuke/hold someone with it and kill them with 1 maintain kinda silly,either the hold needs to be removed from it or the damage needs to be decreased,
other than that i think the fire set in genral needs its damage decreasing slightly,


needs a very minor nerf still testing it out though so not quite sure,

{mentalist} telekinesis and telapathy
{ego storm} again another new mini mines accept for this one stuns the target as well.the stun thats applies should have about a 15% chance per maintain tic to be applyed and the damage slightly reduced,
{collective will} seems to be insane,the pets you summon that adds the debuff should have a small chance of applying the debuff instead of applying it on attack,and the debuff reduced to 10% instead of 100% or more becuz of it stacking.
{mindful reinforcement} needs at least a 15 to 20 second timer to stop people from abuseing this power and spamming it so they become invinceable.
{all ego blade powers} ive noticed these stack with alot of buffs and powers throughout all the power sets and can do some crazy dps,but it realy takes the biscut when you can 1 shot people with them becuz of it,

{single blades}
now this needs a serious nerf{scything blades} advantage {swallow cut} this is insanley powerfull in pvp,i got a lvl 13 to test it out on my lvl 40 my hp dropped to half in roughly 2 seconds thats 4k hp gone just like that,it also pass's through defense's so the bleed does not get reduced,this bleed should not scale from the targets hp and should have a set amount of damage,also the chance it would be applied should be reduced from 50% to 5%-15%

well i hope that helps from what ive tested so far,i keep my toon in the power house so i can test the skills and see what needs a nerf or a buff,i do hope i posted this in the right area to lol :P

enjoy <3

p.s i posted this in another section also as they both match both articles,

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10-06-2009, 08:50 AM
thaught id bump this instead of righting it out again :P