View Full Version : Reducing the XP Gap! *SIMPLE FIX*

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10-02-2009, 06:24 PM
Put the "hidden" or whatever you wish to call them quests in the crime computer, give a zone and a large area within that zone where you can find the quest, and the XP gap problem is nigh solved.

I've leveled 4 toons above 15, and a few above 20, my highest is 32, but as i'm cruising around Millennium City, on my way to a nemesis mission i saw 2 "hidden" mission prompts.

both were for a large bit of xp, in the level that they were relavent.

Please do this, it would keep people from auto-piloting their way in to a 3 level gap in the 30s, even with the added content.

Sign or Bump if you agree!

Edit: This could be said of "This item starts a mission" quests as well, Cryptic, I've believed in you since CoX, please stay as amazingly proactive as you have shown yourselves to be!