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09-29-2009, 11:01 PM
We are The Justice Force, the Elite Super Group above all other Super Groups, We Strive to Keep the City of Millennium at peace.

Our group was created at the beginning of early access and has since grown strong taking in a wide range of heroes of various backgrounds and abilities. Our main purpose is to protect the innocence and to make sure evil doesn't triumph again.

We are always looking to recruit new heroes into our ranks, if your are interested in joining simply reply to this thread with your name, times you are on and powers you possess.

The main reason this group was formed was to bring together heroes into one group and create a home for players in game.

Our daily activities include roleplaying, pvp, instances and outdoor missions, looking for perks and socializing in Club Caprice. There is always someone on and willing to help. If you are interested let us know.