View Full Version : Crashing Wave Kick: Hold Effect completely broken

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09-25-2009, 08:45 PM
Using my Free Respec to experiment with melee Power Sets.

WOW.. talk about frustrating. Now I know why people are saying Melee is so totally gimped.

1/2 the Abilities I try are broken in one way or the other. Ranged classes have always have major advantages over Melee in PVP as well as PVE. Now I'm seeing in Champions it's not just the ranged advantage per say, in Champsions a majority of my Ranged Abilities actually work, most of the melee stun/hold/kb abilities I've tried are completely broken.

Crashing Wave Kick, default Rank 1 is supposed to apply a HOLD. The HOLD doesnt work at all. I even tried Ranking it up. Whoever I'm attacking, I see the debuff/hold icon on my target, but it applies NO HOLD what so ever. I've tried this ability versus target dummy, and versus other players, its never, EVER applied the hold.

Thunderbolt Lunge, even with the 50 foot advantage, the Knockdown/Knockback works about 10% of the time. Reading the ability description, the default LVL 1 Thunderbolt Lunge says "Knocks back foe 9.4 feet". It doesnt say 20% chance, it doesnt say 50% chance, it says this ability is a KNOCK BACK(ie 100% unless target has KB immunity). What's the disconnect Cryptic?

Furthermore, Thunderbolt Lunge at Rank 1(default) says "-While moving, removes Travel Powers from Target". Well, this Rank 1 does NOT remove Travel Powers from target. I see the Advantage that says "removes travel powers", why in the hell does it say the same thing at Rank 1?

Melee Range is broken as well. The tooltip says 7 feet on most abilities, I can be a 3 feet away from somone, and it stays "out of range.. out of range... out of range". Literlly no further than an arms length during testing using the overhead view, and i get "out of range" message.

All the stuns and holds have worked consistantly all my ranged characters, Sonic Arrow stuns just about every time, Sonic Device stuns consistantly on multiple targets, Electrocute's hold works 99% of the time, Sparkstorm's KB is cosistan even though it's a "chance" to KB the Force KBs I've tried all work great. Frag Grenade KB works reliably, I've been Shotgun Blasted down hundreds of times in PVP.

Cryptic, what gives with all the ROCK SOLID ranged Hold/Knockback abilities, and utterly broken melee Hold and Knockback abilities?

I've only been testing these abilities about 1/2 an hour, but the more melee abilities I test, the more things I find totally broken.

Seeing all the time and effort put into nerfing ???Particle Mine???(a totally subpar Power pre patch), and seeing every single Melee CC power I've tried is broken, what in the world is going on behind closed doors in the Dev Department?