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09-22-2009, 11:40 AM
I've just got to say that I played through two superhero games in the last 2 weeks and I really really wish that Cryptic would steal some basic ideas from these games.

First, I realize they are different genres but both managed to make the player feel super heroic during PVE play and create a challenge which is their stated goal.

From MUA2.

For group instances don't populate it mobs that hit ridiculously hard but rather spawn in waves and keep pouring in for awhile. This means that you remove all the one shotting of heroes by villains but the group can eventually be overwhelmed if they can't keep up with incoming waves. A balanced good group should be able to take down a wave just as the next wave shows up. This would take some balancing but basically a group of five should take on 15-20 henchman that hit for normal damage. This would just be the first wave though and more henchman would arrive as back up in a fixed amount of time and continue to join in on the fight until either a trigger is flipped or a set amount of waves is reached.

Also a secondary character resource system besides the base energy bar would be great for charging up the powerful AOE skills. This way it doesn't interfere with the staple attacks. The big AOE attacks (Pyre, Lead Tempest, Mini Mines, Sparkstorm, Force Detonation, etc) could be powered by the second bar that fills up more slowly then the energy bar but has a much slower decay as well. The secondary bar wouldn't be linked to the energy bar at all so you could mix between powers from the two bars. This would promote more power rotations as well without forcing cooldowns on powers.