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09-15-2009, 09:29 AM
Ok, welcome back to Digest (working on a better name for the future), Red Cossack's semi daily compilation of issues in a particular area expressed short and to the point in the original post, then expanded as the dialogue expands.

Todays topic, The Community and how to enhance it. Lets start by listing some common complaints, then let's give some suggested solutions.

1. Instances feel like they prevent me from seeing the same people
2. Why no roleplaying servers?
3. How to reduce aggresive antiplaying practices (kill/blinky stealing)
4. Ease of meeting up with your friends, sg mates and groupmates (the full instance problem)

Ok, lets get down to solutions and suggestions.

1. The single server is in my mind one of the best things going in CO. I played Eve quite a bit and it also has a single server (with a separate one in China). Unlike Eve, CO uses instancing with size limitations. An effect of this, is each instance has it's own zone chat. A way to alleviate this somewhat would be to add several server wide channels. Eve is a good model for this, as they have channels dedicated to various languages, trades, a newbie channel that all new players are put in until they leave, etc. A key to implementing this, is making sure that the chat interface is very clear and it's immediately obvious how to leave undesired channel and join ones you want.

2. Roleplayers have concerns about being able to find each other. I would suggest adding code down the road that allows for tagging various traits in your profile so that you are steered toward particular instances. A little behind the curtains magic goes a long way to alleviating the RP folks concerns. Also, expand on areas that they would find conducive to RPing, and consider adding non combat, puzzle solving type quests.

3. Any MMO is going to have problems with people who don't care if people hate them. The internet itself gives people license to loose destructive or selfish urges without much repercussion. So the devs have to code in automated solutions so as to not be bogged down with human intervention and complaint handling. I think the fact that more than one person can kill a boss and get quest credit is a wonderful step, but it breaks down when only one person gets a drop needed for the quest. The biggest problem is when there are "blinkies" with guarding mobs. You engage, get agro and someone else swoops in and hit z while your hitting the mobs. Coding can prevent this, either by having a very low damage aoe occur when mobs are present (just enough to disrupt looting), or by having the mobs around a clicky attack anyone looting by preference. That said, the best preventative is to try and invite people you know are working o the same quest, and for the devs to make sure all people in a team get credit instead of 5 people equaling 5x as many lootings needed.

4. Ok, one of the more interesting problems I've seen with the instances, is logging in and finding that you can't join your friends because the instance is full. Sure you can all switch, but you end up at the plane pad and have to go back to where people were at, maybe even reclear areas of mobs etc. What would be nice, is if there were hard and soft limits on zone populations, so that if you are in a team and try to go into an instance and its 100 of 100, it allows it to become 102 temporarily. If all of the team goes into an lair from there, it would drop preserving balance. It can particularly be annoying when 1 of a team uses the powerhouse and then the instance fills and the entire team has to instance switch.

None of these are game breaking, none need to be done RIGHT NOW!! (the current forum want of immediacy is very played out), but they are good long term quality of life improvements ideas.

Peace out for now, I need to find a detergent that will get Gadroon ichor off of leather.

Digest #1: Teaming Fixes

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09-15-2009, 01:49 PM
Fast times on the intrawebs today.

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09-15-2009, 01:51 PM
Why not let anyone harvest from a blinky and not turn it off for everyone else? Just put a tag on their toon that says they can't harvest from that particular one for X minutes, so "stealing" won't be an issue.