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09-15-2009, 07:56 AM
looking for some helpful feedback on my Power Armor build. im only level 14 on a different toon .. this guy is level 8. so easily enough to remake if i have to. im going INT/END, heavy on INT for the reduction. im just not sure what the later game is like so i have no idea what to take later. mostly i want to know if you all think this build works so far. i think ive balanced the offensive with the defensive. Opinions please. and Thank You very much in advance.

Build by championBuilder 0.3.2 (http://champions.zarzu.ch)

Download this Build here. (http://champions.zarzu.ch/download.php?download=4132g5080050822508215zz04508 235035050830503405083150852506715zzzz5zzzz5zzzz5zz zz5zzzz75y10e5y2035y20t5y20l5y20s5y20r5y20q25y0035 y0071h0000000000000000)

: Level 40 Champion

Level 5: Super Intelligence
Level 13: Super Endurance

Level 1: Wrist Bolter
Level 1: Eye Beam
Level 5: Concussor Beam
Level 5: Teleport
Level 8: Mini Gun
Level 11: Personal Force Field
Level 14: Micro Munitions
Level 17: Force Shield
Level 20: Shoulder Launcher
Level 23: Unbreakable
Level 26: Munitions Bots

Level 1: Technological Intuition
Level 6: Brilliant
Level 9: Investigator
Level 12: Healthy Mind
Level 15: Negotiator
Level 18: Diplomatic
Level 21: Academics

ohh and Eye Beam or Power Gauntlets... i beam is an additional toggle even though the nerf bat planted it in the ground. maybe it will grow later :)

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09-15-2009, 07:57 AM
I think that you're much better suited by going CON/END and getting Defiance as a passive. Then for your tertiary go INT.

I say this because Defiance isn't all that bad of a defensive power, not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Also, CON will give you a LOT of extra survivability. Finally, END has it's obvious uses and really you can get INT up with gear and talents just fine.

Edit: Oh, and you should definitely get power gauntlets.