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09-10-2009, 02:03 AM
In the early levels the majority of the game works very well. I guess from all the low level beta testers reporting any problems.

So I will focus my attention of the mid to higher level instances.

Dr Destroyer's Lab.

Overall a good instance. The final room is definitely buggy. As I have read in other posts Dr Destroyer can bug out in his control room if the group completely wipes.

Telious Laboratory in Canadian Wilderness

When you teleport up to the final fight you need to make the platform bigger. I have been pushed off by party members also teleporting up into the water. Atleast give everyone a chance before being pushed into the water. I agree with those posting about melee being almost useless in final fight with that knockback effect.

I liked this mission alot. I soloed it at 39. I died several times along the way. Especially during the last fight.
However, the rat minions can be bugged out during the fight...and unbugged much to my immediate and often deaths. It was extremely fun soloing the mission but I doubt you had that intent in mind. I would be happy to tell the Devs how i did it if they really want to know.

Viper Nest: Probably the most bug filled instance I have been in so far. Party members disconnected from the game many times during the zoning and during some of the more intense fights as well as the final boss fight. I think the intent of the fights is good. Just stabilize the instance a bit so people dont disconnect during fights would make this a more enjoyable encounter.

Andrith: A good instance. Just let people rezone into the instance. Once you complete or fail it seems you cannot just reenter. The final boss fight is insanely tough. But people will figure it out. I think this is the first fight in the game that requires a decent group make up and an experienced group to pull off the fight.

I personnally believe that leveling a toon up should be soloable and end game content should require a group to do. CO has thus far lived up to that for me. So far I have completed almost 95 percent (a guess on my part) of the available quests. I have done probably near 450-500 quests. There was a slow period between 28-32 but that was mainly due to my understanding of how the crime computer worked. I ran out of solo quests from the crime computer and various NPCs at Lvl 39. Im sure there are some more out there that I missed. I think if the crime computer would show you all the available quest NPCs you would fix a lot of the complaints from players experiencing a slow dow in experience from quests.

I will be trying out various builds and getting them to 40. However, I see a lack of people playing support roles in the game. Almost everyone is some type of tank. I think I have had a healer only once or twice in a group that wasnt a drone. I hope with time the content will allow for other roles/powers to be more effective.

One final note: Dont bring out the nerf bat. Tweak the other powers to make them stronger and make the content more challenging.

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09-10-2009, 02:15 AM
Good read.