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09-09-2009, 10:56 AM
2 birds, 1 stone: Content and Teaming suggestion:
Two of the larger problems plaguing CO currently is the lack of content and the lack of teaming. Both of these are, at least in my opinion, MMO killers.

So I offer this somewhat simple solution.
When players are teamed allow them to set team missions, like most MMOs do. With a team mission everyone on the team in effect, automatically gets the mission. But only the important parts, the info, the objectives, the goal and the exp. Not the loot, the contact or the mission chain progression (unless that is desirable). This should be allowed to occur even for players that are flagged as having completed the mission.

All players should be restricted to exp per level as normal (+/-5 levels) or perhaps limited more, alternately everyone could be forced to sk to the mission level when they join the team. Missions still get flagged as completed for the person who gave the mission to the team so abusing the system by attempting to run the same mission repeatedly should not work as eventually everyone on the team will have the mission completed.

Overall I think this would strongly encourage teaming as it swiftly becomes a great benefit to team but at no point is anyone forced. If a player wants to grind the levels where content is thin they are free to do so. An additional benefit is that this would effectively make the game "more content rich," as players will inevitable choose to replay the best and funnest missions while choosing to rarely do the cheap patrol missions or more generic missions, though those options remain viable.

Another 2 birds 1 stone. Fun and progression
Another trick and suggestion i would like to make is that, at for least instanced missions, increase the amount of bad guys per encounter significantly. The instanced maps tend to be for the most part empty and devoid of foes generally at most 2 per room. This makes these instanced maps ludicrously fast to take care of often less than 5minutes. Players blaze through these maps, there is little to stop them, this effectively puts the exp reward closer to the player. Basically most instanced missions take 5 minutes and net 10k+ exp. This is part of the reason players level so swiftly through the game. It is not so much the exp curve, which actually seems fairly fine now, but how fast they can resolve the content.

So dramatically increase the number of encounters in an instanced map to the first Nemesis story levels. 4-5 per room plus patrols, at least for team missions. This again will have two effects.
1) First the missions will become much more fun, a group of players together up to their eyeballs fighting many groups of foes is always good times.
2) The missions will take much longer. it's kinda of a trick I suppose using fun as a weapon to slowdown level progression but i am sure it would be effective. If a mission before took 5minutes for 10k exp then with a full team fighting a full map maybe the missions will start taking 30minutes or more, for pretty much the same exp.

Eventually players will sort out optimum exp curves and scenarios and may try to shun these missions, which is to an extent fine on its own, essentially fun leveling verse grinding for achievement. However by the time players sort out their optimized routes the Devs will have bought themselves enough time to sort out a better arrangement to further progress or encourage team missions.

Recapping(Content and teaming):
Step 1: Allow missions to be set as team missions.
Step 2: Allow everyone to see the mission's requirements, location, and objectives
Step 3: Allow everyone to reap the exp from the mission, even if they previously did it, in a a level appropriate manner.

(Intended) Effect:
1) Encourages teaming by offering a win/win solution benefiting those who want to team and those who are experiencing a content drought.
2) Effectively increases the content in the game. For example players can choose to stay in Canada and redo a mission with their team rather than being forced to go to the desert. Then with their next characters they can do the reverse.
3) Buys the Devs time by easing content pressure on the Devs. Hopefully they can use the time to expand the new content in interesting ways

Recapping(Fun, challenge and progression)
Step 1: Institute the team missions
Step 2: Substantially increase the encounter #s in instanced missions and possibly the adds generated by the renforcement system.
Step 3: Later balance exp to encourage preferred routes/style.

(Intended) Effect:
1) More fun to be had in a team taking on larger dynamic groups of foes.
2) Adds more challenge to the game by making things like aggro management/radius, pulling, and accidental aggro viable. Hopefully making team tactics desirable and valuable.
3) Increase mission lengths from a "whatever 5minutes," to a semi-intense 30.
4) Slow down overall leveling speed while keeping progression the same. it still will take the same number of missions to reach the next level the missions will now simply take longer.