View Full Version : Resurrection Serum vs. Divine Renewal (Bug?)

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09-06-2009, 06:21 PM
Looking over some new powers as I fiddled around in the character builder and powerhouse today I noticed quite the curiosity with the resurrection powers available. As far as I can tell, though perhaps I'm interpreting something wrong here...

Resurrection Serum
30 En -- 1 Target -- 4m 53s Recharge
0.83-2.83 seconds -- 15ft

Divine Renewal
20 En +20 En/0.5s
0.83-9.0 Seconds (Must be fully maintained)

Unless I'm incorrect this means that the Serum for 30 Energy can revive a team-mate and incur a 5 minute recharge, but divine renewal can be interrupted and costs *380* energy? Even with my admittedly low INT characteristic that seems like an awfully heavy cost as my max energy is all of 117. Is this as intended?

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09-06-2009, 09:44 PM
Don't have divine as of yet (will have it soon) but you're gaining energy as it maintains.

My recovery currently outpaces most of my maintains. Rank 2 arcane vitality and rank 2 snowstorm both can't outpace my REC. Firebreath can. Eld Blast, if I chain it, has a net gain of energy (more recovers than it costs to cast during the full cast time)