View Full Version : Holds and Roots in PvP..too much?

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09-05-2009, 06:34 PM
I've spent most of my day today PvP'ing and enjoying it for the most part. But I get in to some matches and I spend more time being rooted and held than I do fighting. I'm seeing people with mix builds with the same holds...or seeing Ice builds dropping it every chance they get.

I don't mind root and the such. But there really seems to be no diminishing returns. I know you get the buff after you've been rooted, but it seems like then someone else just hits you with something. Perhaps I am mistaken. I understand the needs for roots and holds, but in PvP it really needs to be toned down. I'm going to break my Z key because I'm spamming it so much.

Now out of about 20 matches today I've only died maybe 6 or 7 times total, but that's only because I know how to stay alive...and I know how to TP out when needed and run like a little girl. But I really think the roots / holds in pvp need to be toned down, or make sure diminishing returns take effect better or something.

Oh, and off topic, how are people making money in pvp? I'm not seeing mine go up at all and had a friend say they made like 2 or 3g today from it.