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09-05-2009, 02:58 PM
I recently tried out PVP since I was concentrating on getting used to the changes for PVE so i had no time to do so until now. Now when my melee toon entered a PVP arena i tried it 4 times and was obliterated all 4 times in a row?! I know you might think i don't or have never used block, well I took a blocking power as my 3 elective power (after Pyre) and have used it ever since. I'm quite good with it since i can solo 4 "tough" henchmen and some villains but PVP is murder. The problem is that once you reach lvl 30-40 and go to the arena as a melee character you are dead from the start.


1) Every ranged toon by now has all the means of stopping you getting close to them
2) You can't use your abilities if you are not in melee range (or at lest most of them)
3) You don't get endurance if you don't hit the enemy if you have a mele energy builder O_o (on brainier eh?)
4) Melee abilities take up some time; I doubt anyone would wait 2.33 s for may haymaker to charge so that i can do a little damage. Ranged ones do as well but once they are charged they hit you if you are in their range which is more than 7 ft which is for melee.
5) You will fight toons that have 300+ end as superstat and can cast rain of fire fully twice (for example) which at those levels you can do the math and figure out how much dmg that is.
6) My defenses are useless and my superstats as well (STR /CON) since the only thing i am in a PVP is a punching bag.

Now i'm not complaining since I can PVE with no problem (relatively) but I thought that the purpose of the patch was to 1. make things harder in PVE but also to 2. to balance PVP no?

As far as I see it what happened is that PVP went from having UNDEFEATABLE TANKS to UNAPPROACHABLE NUKERS. All the ranged toons at lvl 30+ (with most of the abilities already taken) are almost impossible to be defeated or getting close to by a melee toon.

Why am I saying all of this?

Because they just changed who is overpowered. No balance has been made. You don't believe me? Ask a melee toon at lvl 30+ to go PVP and see what he can do against all the stuns/ snares and what not that keep him from even being able to use his abilities. I understand that the defenses were too much but now how are melee characters supposed to fight against ranged? There is no advantage to being melee at all. My energy builder requires for me to be close and my atks as well and since i concentrated on (CON/ STR) i don't have enough END to use some ranged abilities. Actually scratch that, with melee energy builder in PVP it's irrelevant what powers i have i won't be able to use them anyways most of the time.

What I would like is only to point those things out to the DEVS and to Cryptic and would appreciate feedback form melee characters at those levels.

BTW: If you can manage well in PVP as melee then you have never fought at lvl 30+ or have never encountered a team of all range toons as your opponents or you are amazing and i seriously want to know how you do it O_o. I was not that concerned that i died all the time but rather the fact that my melee character seemed to be more cosmetic than actually useful in PVP. (not to mention that legendary/ cosmic villains are instant death if you are melee :P)

Thanks and hope this helps some ppl at low levels (maybe not only them) know what awaits them if they go melee.