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09-05-2009, 07:56 AM
Yesterday, I was getting rubber banded from 1500 to about 2245, (UK time), with pings ranging from 250 to 5500ms, most of the time over 1000ms.
Today I get the little box in the top right corner, trying to update launcher, please be patient, for about an hour now.
Strangely, I did a ping test through the CMD console and was getting an average of 105ms. I pinged www.champions-online.com.
Did I ping the correct address? I cant understand what is going on.
To be honest, things have got slowly worse since open beta when it was playable to now, it is pretty much unplayable.
Are the devs doing anything about this please?
Are we going to have a separate server in Europe? That should improve things cause the way things are going, its going to be a weekend without Champions for me.