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09-03-2009, 11:32 PM
Today I tested Condemn out to see how good its "chance to hold targets" really was. Wanted to get a guestimate on the percentage chance to hold. I also added the advantage Redemption Denied cause I wanted to see what it looked like and if it was good damage. I'm level 19 btw.

I headed down to the Power House moving dummies room and started dropping beams on the moving targets. Charged up the beam and held the target. Hold looked to be about 100% of the time. Now these are level 10 dummies but still, 100% and I'm only suppose to have a "chance to hold targets". Sounds good to me. I liked it. Time to go all out and see what I can do to multiple targets.

So I let loose and started charging to full and hittin dummies. Once I held the first target I stayed on it and kept using the power on it because it was catching dummies who were walking by it and holding them. Now in here everytime you hold these dummies they get a buff "Hold Protection Resistance to Holds" and they were getting this buff. Problem is it wasn't doing a thing to help them with this power. I could consistantly us it with a few energy builder attacks in between and reaplly the hold before they could move. I was just setting there killing them over and over.

I tried testing this in PvP but I didn't want to leave the Power House so I just dueled. It wasnt workign in a duel. My concern though is In a duel its just one person. Is this hold somehow being reapplied because the dummies were in groups. So what would happen in a PvP group environment? If anythign It doesnt seem liek its working right on the dummies.