View Full Version : Telekinisis power change suggestion.

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09-02-2009, 09:48 PM
The power telekenisis should be easier to use, as it is now ....

1) Select the object to lift, and this can be a challange in it of itself since you cant TAB select.
2) Activate the power, then wait for the activation animation
3) Target the foe you want to hit.
4) Activate the power a second time.

It makes it hard to use and really only good for a opening move.

It IS a good power, but the mechanical limits on it are too high.

It would be nice if the game selected the closest object in range that you can lift and can be thrown and then throw it at your target.

With the speed of the combat in the game, its really not functional as is for battle.

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09-03-2009, 12:46 AM
I havent been able to test this myself since actually thinking about it:

Try configuring the options to Auto-target upon using ability and allow objects to be auto-targetted.

In theory this should allow you to (if you have no current target) to pop telekinesis and it should automatically select the nearest object. Again, that is just in theory and I haven't been able to try it myself. Of course, if your auto-target happens to not be an object at that time then this is still a failure of a potentially great power.

I do like the idea of it lifting the closest object in range regardless of your target.

With strength there's no need to target anything, just get close enough and interact. Maybe if you have the telek. power then allow the interact of liftable objects to be accessed from afar.