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09-02-2009, 06:43 AM
Greetings, all... I'm a newbie.

I come from City of Heroes, and while I'm thoroughly enjoying Champions so far, the thing that REALLY sticks out most for me is the lack of a real 'solid' city, though I haven't gotten all that far yet.

I've made it to the Canadian Wilderness after Crisis in Canada, and I've peeked at Millenium City, but things seem so non-linear, just travelling by that helicopter so far.

As I grow in level, and reach new places, will there be new venues that have the more linear feel to them? For instance, is there a 'larger' map of everything, showing you where each place is in relation to others, or is it just place after place? If yes, are there zoning points at the edges of certain maps that lead to others, or is that helicopter the only method of transportation?

Finally... Does anyone know a good channel to help me get a team? As much as I adore solo play, it can only sustain a man for so long. D: