View Full Version : My computer keeps shutting off while trying to play this game. Can someone help?

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08-29-2009, 04:13 PM
I was trying the beta out on my computer, and not once could I get farther than the select screen without my rig shutting off.

Now, this computer hasn't given me any problems. It was given to me as a present and it has worked very well with other games like Fallout, WoW, Crysis and Call of Duty.

My computer is a Gateway 6800 FX. It has an i7 processor. It says 920 next to it, not sure if that means anything or not. It has 3GB of RAM (DDR3) and the graphics card is an ATI 4850. All the components are factory components, I have not replaced anything on it. Haven't had to.

I am also using the pre-release Windows 7.

Thanks for any help.

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08-29-2009, 04:22 PM
The game wouldnt crash your computer, only itself. The most it would do is lock up your system. If you are hard rebooting then you are more than likely overheating. If it is just shutting down then there is a major issue somewhere within the computer. There could be tons of reasons, RAM, bad drivers, etc., etc. This is probably not the place to get the answers, may need to talk to some actual tech support about the system itself.

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08-29-2009, 04:24 PM
Oh, ok. Thanks. I just found it weird because it only happens with this game. But thanks anyway.

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08-29-2009, 05:06 PM
To the OP,

I had a similar problem with a Gateway FX 6801-03, 9 GB of ddr3 ram, 260 gtx nvidia video card and the I7 processor with Windows Vista 64-bit.

My computer also would just shut off only on this game. I kept trying to restart it and play this game but it would shut completely off every time. Right now, it's back at NewEgg and they are shipping me a replacement computer as I pushed it too hard with to many shutdowns trying to get CO going and something went wrong with the power to the machine ( I'm not sure if this could happen to anyone else, but just a small warning as Crisis, Futuremark 06, Age of Conan and Warhammer Online couldn't crash the computer).

My computer was only 2 weeks old, so it could have been faulty from the start? I do find it odd that only this game would completely shut the computer off and always during character creation in the final Beta build, when I first tried to play the game. I never did make it past character creation on that computer.

Interesting enough, I'm running the game fine (only hiccups are framerate issues) on a Dual Core Gateway FX530XM, 8800 GT video card, Windows Vista 32-bit, 4 mb of ram computer that I have had for a little over 3 years now.

Some type of conflict with the Gateway FX running hot or only running hot with this game? I'm not sure, but I'm hoping to know more as NewEgg has told me they will let me know what caused the failure after they send it back to Gateway as my daughter has her Sims 3 disk still stuck on the drive.

After reading your thread and seeing there were about 20-25 others that were having the same shut down issue on this same forum, pre-forum wipe, I'm worried about ever trying to load this game onto the new computer they are sending me as it will still be the Gateway FX 6801-03.



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08-29-2009, 05:11 PM
Well, I'm glad to know it is not just me. I ran the games that worked and they worked well. I even tried pushing it by maxing out everything, and while Crysis did slow down a lot, the other games moved fine. I'm not really looking forward to replace my computer. I'm not a big PC gamer. I'll just have to wait for the XBOX version of this game. Not sure, didn't even get to play it.

But yeah, it is too weird that it only happens with this game. Oh, well. Hopefully the DCU game will run on this or I will have to buy a PS3.

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08-29-2009, 05:18 PM
Yeah, it's not just you. Unfortunately, I got no answer over 2 weeks of trying to get help from tech support through Gateway, NewEgg, and the only response from a dev from CO said everyone must have bad CPU or power supplies, from what I gathered anyway.

All coincidence, I suppose, with maybe 100,000 playing? I must admit it's interesting to know the relations between most systems seemed to be higher end video cards, ddr3 ram, win vista 64-bit and nobody posted their computers where crashing with other games as well....only this one.

If 100,000 people stood out in a lightning storm and the lightning hit somebody, would it hit 20-25 others as well? Pretty coincidental....we'll probably never know.

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08-30-2009, 05:36 PM
im just a tad annoyed cause i did the open beta....that took awhile cause of the patch issues then i finally got to play without a single issue and now....well i try to play this game once it hit the character select if i go any farther for lets say a minute my computer screen goes to sleep and i have to hit the power button so i can reboot

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08-31-2009, 08:34 AM
I'm suffering the SAME issues. D:

I need to know what to do about this. The game's release is tomorrow, and I don't want it if I can't play it! :mad:
Right now, my mind is set on leaving my reserved copy at the store, and my money in my pocket.
I'm glad I didn't decide on buying the lifetime membership yet.

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08-31-2009, 09:10 AM
I actually had an issue of my computer shutting down for the first day of the head start. I soon figured out that my cpu was overheating for some reason and was triggering auto shutdown. I shut down completly, opened my case, made sure everything was secure, cleaned out the dust and removed my sli bridge since I didn't have it enabled anymore. Not sure exactly what fixed it but I haven't had an issue since. I suggest downloading something like speedfan(google it) and watching your temps as you play. If you see a rapid increase, you have an issue.

Note that I had an issue of it causing a shut down, not a restart. There is a significant difference. Shut downs are generally caused by hardware issues such as a bad or overtaxed powersupply, something on the motherboard overheating(due to lack of cooling or dust), or a memory issue. Restarts can be caused by software issues and are often the result of having "autorestart on blue screen" or whatever checked in your system settings. If your auto restarting while playing there is probably a driver issue somewhere.

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08-31-2009, 11:45 AM
Had same issue with my son's pc - it has been rock steady for quite a while - and started random crashing.

Bottom line is that the CPU was overheating and shutting down the system.

Root cause was lint buildup in CPU fan plus lack of decent side ventilation above CPU

We vacuumed out the pc and added a side fan and all has been great since then

Seems very basic - but checking stuff like this is always worth doing