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05-16-2012, 06:44 PM
**warning this is all hypothical)

While making my last entry in:


this thought came to mind, if cryptic dev allow us to make our own minions, then how would people unlock the achievements for destorying the pre-existing minion types. then it came to me, why not convert the minon types in to minion archetypes. this is not to say, that this will replace the power choice but instead just be one of the options. i'm not sure exactly how the minion powers are distrubed or what they are using, with the exception of a few powers of that set but if the set you picked is main a ranged set then the melee folks are using (i'm assuming: might).

the idea is each minion type has their own set of unique powers that if we select the minions "archetypes" (if they let us) then our created minions would display those powers. below is a rough idea of how it would be, this is just my view on how the minions currently look like. From there, Cryptic could create more minion power types.

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Undead - minions who have been denied death's embrace to haunt the living. use a variety of darkness and supernatural power, like the halloween ghost or halloween mummy

Soldiers- Minions use an arsenal of weapons to mow down their foes: munitions (w/ anything that causes massive explosions) and unarmed

Pirates - minions use swashbucklers techinques to tear down their foes: a mixture of single blade, small arms munitions

Infernals- Dark minions that have an array of mystic powers.

Aliens- minions that utilize out-of-this-world technology and superior minds: Mentalist and Gadgeteering

Beastmen- savage minions that take enemy with tooth and claw: Bestial Supernatural and heavy weapons

Thugs- mighty minions that have spen ample time at the gym to crush some heads: Might and heavy Weaons

Mafia: these minions are old fashion, but it gets the job done: small arms & assault munitions and unarmed

Werewolves- this pack of minions are dangerous beast of the night: supernatural with engage abilites

Frozen minions- minion's whose very presence gives their enemies chills: Ice and Wind

Robots- minions built to destroy: Power Armor and Might

Cowboys- Wild gunslinging minions armed with smalls capable of shooting the crap out of anything: small arms munitions, and any ability that advanceds their ranged powers

Convicts** -newly escaped from prison these minions need cash and are apparently willing to go back jail for it. much like the same powers escaped prisoner in Westside display.

Demons- monsterous minions whose power dwell from the depths of hell: fire, darkness, Ebon sorcery.

insectoids- creepy minions whose powers mimic the first rulers of the earth, bugs. toxic and sonic powers (think spider bites, and crickets ).

lizardmen- cold blooded minions that that hunger for warm blooded flesh: supernatural powers with emphasizes on toxic debuffs and DoTs

Ninjas- minions who've mastered the art of stealth and old school combat: martial arts and archery

vampires- these minions thrist for blood will make them fight almost anything: pretty much the powers of the current vampires ingame and the become devices

Burning lackeys- the minions are steaming mad and want to burn something, so give them a target: Fire powers or anything that burns

Charged Dynamos- these minions are master of weather manipulation and are waiting to spoil your day: lighting, wind with basic ice powers and primal sorcery

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