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03-07-2012, 08:32 PM
This is the build for one of my favorite characters, and probably my best built toon. Not that I am trying to toot my own horn or anything, I am just pretty proud of it. The basis of the build started with my want of an elf ranger-style character. A deadly archer who is just as powerful with a blade. The build went through a few iterations, going from having the shuriken/w kunai adv and even having some Heavy Weapons, before I settled on the build below. As always, I am open to critiques and suggestions.

And another thing, I had started writing a little intro description that got too big, so go check it out here (http://forums.champions-online.com/showthread.php?p=2043446#post2043446) :D

Build by championBuilder 0.4.1 (http://champions.zarzu.ch)

Download this Build here. (http://champions.zarzu.ch/download.php?download=4132g621113621310721a1015tp0 5621524631a10630d126312207309102530a483143012613b2 07213403621e107tp0101568a376y10d05y2015y2035y20g5y 20j5y20s5y20h25y0015y003oSamael the Swift Shadowh0000000000000000)

Samael the Swift Shadow: Level 40 Champion

Level 6: Super Dexterity
Level 13: Super Intelligence

Level 1: Strafe -- Aversion
Level 1: Straight Shot -- Rank 2
Level 6: Quarry -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 6: Teleport
Level 8: Storm Of Arrows -- Achilles' Heel
Level 11: Form of the Tempest -- Rank 2
Level 14: Parry -- The Elusive Monk
Level 17: Dragon's Wrath -- Rank 2
Level 20: Bountiful Chi Resurgence -- Rank 2, Resurgent Reiki
Level 23: Masterful Dodge
Level 26: Sword Cyclone -- Rank 2, Rank 3, Accelerated Metabolism
Level 29: Inertial Dampening Field -- Rank 2
Level 32: Focused Shot -- Rank 2, Ballista Bolt
Level 35: Evasive Maneuvers -- Rank 2
Level 35: Flight -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 38: Rebirth

Level 1: Sureshot
Level 6: Agile
Level 9: Brilliant
Level 12: Coordinated
Level 15: Impresario
Level 18: Negotiator
Level 21: Shooter

As you can see, I put a good bit into building up my dodge + avoidance as much as I could. With Quarry, Parry/w Elusive Monk, a high amount of Dex, Aversion, and Evasive Maneuvers, Sam can get pretty hard to hit.

I only have two dual blades powers, and straight shot might seem redundant with focused shot there, but Focused Shot can be interrupted, so I need a single target hitter if I cannot be left alone. Speaking of Focused Shot, Ballista Bolt adv is there strictly to take out any poor henchmen enemies that line up with the big guy that I am hitting.

This is how I usually open a fight. Focused Shot->Storm of Arrows->Sword Cyclone->DW the biggest thing left. Most of the time, that is the fight. It can move really quickly through most mobs, but I haven't had a chance to try it out in any Elite settings yet.