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02-10-2012, 02:16 PM
Hello everyone. Im back today asking for help with a build. I had the idea of a nephilim styled character using heavy weapons (pretty much like Therakiel himself). I Love heavy weps but they tend to not match too well with other builds or powersets outside of brick powers. So here is what I am looking at.

The Nephilim tend to use a lot of celestial style powers, but at the same time, celestial would be horrid when used with heavy weapons as the main focus. Heavy Weapon (in my mind) tends to work best with Con and Str SS's, and that almost counters the reason to use a celestial attack. My main reason for this build is going to be PVE, but I wouldnt mind having some PVP elements thrown in so that he can stand his own against other players. My biggest questions really are the following.

What powers would you recommend to mix with the heavy weapon skills to give the feel of the Nephilim but also maximize playability of the build.
If you think that celestial could somehow be worked into it, how would you build it in to this?

I honestly just need some helpful conversation with some people who know how to build. I am willing to take powers out of any of the powersets except the technology ones (gadgeteering, munitions, power armor). This character would be nice to be somewhat of a tank, but I would like him to deal out some damn good damage when given the chance.

thank you for reading through this and another thank you to anyone willing to reply to this.

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02-10-2012, 03:45 PM
To me, if you are ever going to combine two separate branches of powers, I'd get a slotted defensive passive, to increase your protection. SSing Con and Int seems to be a good choice, at least for me. More hitpoints and discounted energy costs means that with the right gear, you won't be hurting for energy.

As far as attacks, I would suggest Celestial Conduit, as long as you had high enough rec for it, the bugger is a hog. Heck as far as ranged attacks, take some fire attacks, tint them yellow or something, and get thermal reverb for the energy gain.

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02-10-2012, 05:13 PM
Not too bad of a combo really. I tend to always combine two powersets when I make a build. This is so that I have something for all situations, but not spread too thin so that the combos for the powersets do not get taken away. I always do that for some reason.

Now, on the celestial idea, would it work if I went with the normal heavy wep SS of Con and Str? I was thinking this cause the celestial powers would be secondary attacks and they also use Con as one of their SS.

BTW, my passive right now is defiance and I use enrage to combo buff.

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02-12-2012, 06:00 PM
Sorry about this, im not sure what the BUMPing rules are around here.
But I would like to BUMP this topic. I am still working on this.