View Full Version : Tights costume additions: Please return to separate Pattern and Details!

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06-22-2011, 02:04 PM
I do not understand why all the Tights additions are Patterns selections with Details (bump-mapping) "baked in".
Please: have the Detail/bump-mapping component separate from the color/Pattern component so that you can use different bump-mapping (or wrinkles or flat) for the new color patterns, and other color patterns for the new costume "bumps".


Is there some issue with how the original set of Pattern/Detail sets (Wrinkles, Padded (various), Jumpsuit 01/02, Banded Basic, etc.) were implemented, so that their apparent demonstration that this is quite possible is misleading? Was some sort of additional mapping required for every single color texture pattern instead of there being a separate normal mapping effect application to models separate from the color texture pattern, or some other hidden issue?

I don't get it, and after I saw others give repeated feedback about this for past "tights" sets I was very frustrated, even flabbergasted, to see this new Tights pack exhibit exactly the same issue.

Please give some indication that this feedback is recognized and understood and, if there is some reason this isn't being done, some clear information on why that is.