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10-02-2010, 07:20 PM
Other than junk it and start again that is!
Am level 22 and have:

Superstats End and Int
High Dex, Con and Rec
Low Str (17 I think)
Pre and Ego at 10 (something's got to give)

Force Bolts with Energy Refraction (of course)
Force Blast lev 2
Force Shield with Sheathe (of course)
Field Surge (have to get in order to have access to higher lev powers)
Force Eruption likewise (don't want it but can't not have it)
Sparkstorm lev 2
Cascade lev 2
Electric Form

Had to do a limited retcon at lev 17 in order to get sparkstorm out of the way so I could get access to cascade and other powerset tier 2 powers. I had bolts, blast, shield and sparkstorm and didn't bother getting other powers until lev 17 - supposedly a "custom build" gives flexibility, yeah right! That shouldn't have happened but getting sparkstorm early on really buggered things up.

Will get Gigabolt at some point - Gig for groups Cas for singles

May get Force Detonation for Dr Destroyers factory


I am thinking of taking Mindful Reinforcement for an ally/civilian heal but if this scales off ego would something else be better if so what?

Would Circle of Primal dominion work with these stats? Theoretically it should do well after all being a shooter I wouldn't need to move so much and could stay in the circle blasting foes.

Speaking of Circ prim dom what happens if you increase its rank? (nothing according to CO wiki or the game itself)

Lifedrain sounds good but does it scale off something I don't have?

Resurgence might work well with my good(ish) Con but would Bionic shielding be a better bet?

Finally I love Sparkstorm, in the early game it's invaluable for zapping the mostly melee foes and even the ranged ones at times. It makes me laugh when my energy projector runs into the middle of 4 viper troopers and sparks em all to death. Sigh if only this were a melee attack it might almost be worth running a defiance build with laser knight of course. As sparkstorm is the one of the few close combat aoes that can hit people behing you I was wondering how well this stacks up against other types of melee attack and would this be a good addition to say a power armor build?
I'd be very interested to hear what better players than I have to say about old sparky.

PS this is PVE not PVP