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09-08-2010, 08:38 AM
1) Lay Down Emote

No idea why there's no emote to lay down.

2) Robot Dance Emote

I see NPCs doing it, wonder why we can't?

3) Sort Friends List So offline people are at bottom?

I have found no way to do this at all. Sort by location? Offline counts as O in the name. Sort by level? 0 could be offline or in chat messenger. I'd love for offline people to be at bottom or a way to hide them in friends list.

4) Ignoring People make them vanish from sight

Might be a lot of work, but generally people get on your ignore list because they're bothering you. Devs would cut down on trolling if setting someone else ignore made them disappear from sight :)

5) NPCs bother us less in MC

God, they run up so often, bug the hell out of you, then shove your character out of the way. WTF?

6) Zombie Apocalypse Exp for Zombie

If you don't manage to kill anyone as the zombie you get 0 exp/Acclaim/Resources for sitting there 20 minutes. You already are as a disadvantage being alone in the mission with a bunch of champions that might have better builds or healing. Might be nice to get SOMETHING for the effort at least.

7) Say when people sign on and off in your SG

That way I don't need my whole SG in my friends list to know when they pop on and off.

8) Retain ability colors per costome slot?

Not sure if this is feasible but would be cool.

9) Facial expression per costume slot

Same as above.

10) Fix character poser in characters lists on the website.

None of the animation poses work at all.

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09-08-2010, 09:10 AM
1. Use /killme! But seriously. I think we could perhaps use some. I'd imagine ones that involve lounging and resting rather than being unconscious and all that.

2. Because they want to kill the robotic population. Keep robot expression down! Well, I'll have you know that the robot people are not happy with you, Cryptic! We shall boycott this game until we have our robot dance!! :mad:

3. I'm pretty sure that's what mine does by default...

4.This would be kind of awkward. The person you're ignoring could probably continue trolling you by doing weird stuff like smacking you with a foxbat glove. And even if that's disabled, he'd probably be able to push you with teleport or block your way when you're trying to leave through that pesky door in Club Caprice.

6.Why just ZA? If being a zombie in ZA should net XP, why not anything else? Heck, you probably should be able to handle at least 1 kill near endgame, especially if you focus on one target and be extremely annoying with stealth. Stuff that's really no different from other PvP modes and all that.

7.Should probably be a setting. Even then, it would be a bit annoying for larger SG's, where a lot of sign in/out messages could show up when you don't really have the time to care about it. And what about if you're looking for one specific person, eh?

8.Binds. Bind a button that enables you to change costumes while also doing the powerhue command. That, or be boring like me and do it manually. :o

9.Kind of agree... But the expression menu you get when you right click on your portrait kind of defeats the purpose of that, I'd think.