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07-30-2010, 11:55 PM
Let me start off by saying that This build would not work if you were leveling from 1. I have a lvl 39 who has since gotten a free respec from drastic changes to a few of old powers. The characters original concet was to be DPSer with the skills to drop into a healing roll if needed. But with the addition of Celestial powers i have reworked the build a little. Please post comments and feed back.

Build by championBuilder 0.4.1 (http://champions.zarzu.ch)

Download this Build here. (http://champions.zarzu.ch/download.php?download=4132g50m0050m0b70m06107zz0a1 060m03070f1001706410170f511060d21370h541050m0a70f3 11070f111050g525zz0450m0575y10m5y20r5y20n5y20l5y20 25y2075y20o25y0035y0051h0000000000000000)

: Level 40 Champion

Level 5: Super Intelligence
Level 13: Super Presence

Level 1: Radiance
Level 1: Conviction
Level 5: Iniquity -- Rank 3, Rank 2
Level 5: Fire Flight -- Rank 3, Rank 2
Level 8: Palliate -- Rank 2
Level 11: Ego Sprites -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 14: Bionic Shielding -- Rank 2, Rank 3
Level 17: Psionic Healing -- Rank 3, Rank 2
Level 20: Telekinetic Eruption -- Enhanced Form
Level 23: Aura Of Radiant Protection -- Rank 3, Rank 2
Level 26: Ascension
Level 29: Mindful Reinforcement -- Rank 3, Rank 2
Level 32: Ego Storm -- Rank 3, Rank 2
Level 35: Dark Transfusion
Level 35: Teleport
Level 38: Celestial Cleansing

Level 1: Arcanus
Level 6: Diplomatic
Level 9: Shrug It Off
Level 12: Healthy Mind
Level 15: Enduring
Level 18: Energetic
Level 21: Quick Recovery

There are also 2 more Advantage points that have not been spent. I will check in game to compare certain advantages.

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08-01-2010, 04:50 AM
Your build really sounds like a full team support build. It's not really a style I play but here are my comments.

Celestial Cleansing : This power always turned me off because of the 18 seconds timer. You might want to switch for a rez power. The Celestial rez is said to be good if ranked up, otherwise the resurection serum from gadgetering is also good at rank1. If you want to remove buffs from ennemies, Skarn's Bane does the job with good damage.

Ego Storm : I'm a fan of the advantage, you can turn if on for extra damage and do something else meanwhile. Since it seems to be your main attack, beware of the cooldown timer (if there is one without the advantage)

Dark Transfusion : If you plan on staying in sentinel mode, you won't need extra energy. Plus the damage can get annoying if you have low hit points. At 40 with 100 con and sentinel role, you are looking at 5k ish hp on your hero. You could replace it with ego placate with the advantage for the stackable resist debuff or for some energy return force shield + advantage.

Conviction : If you have points to spare, you can put them in this power. It's a good self heal.

Ego Sprites : I heard this power doesn't scale too well post 30, but can't really comment on it. You might want the advantage for the self heal.

The rest looks pretty solid.