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05-15-2010, 05:53 PM
Once again I am making one of those thread that will fall into oblivion without a proper answer from someone that has authority.

So, here's the deal. Right now when you take a electric hero he HAS to shoot bolts of electricity.

I am kinda tired of my guy throwing bolts of elec/fire/ice/force/etc. (okay, some are shards like ice but that's not the point)

Has much as I'd like to stay in force/elec/etc. I just can't. Sometimes I take clobber or righteous punch (or something like that) just to have at least ONE attack that is melee type.

I mean, how hard would it be to make an alternate endurance builder for those sets but with the melee property? Use the animation from the melee sets or even a WEAPON and then add the property it has to be.

Or better yet!

Let us do it. Sure, we can't do this with all the powers du to balancing issue but hey. Let us choose between punches/kicks/sword/mace/etc. and then choose the element. Voila! You ahve your endurance builder of your choice.

I often find myself changing the emanation points of my energy projector character for the fists and always using my endurance builder at point blank. Kidna sucks that way though.

Now that I am talking about themes and element types and whatnot I'd like to adress another issue.

Travel powers. Once again the problem rises. My guy's using electricity to fly/run/teleport but none of them actually fit him. Why can't we choose an aura of some sort to the powers? Don,t get me wrong, I am not talking about adding a paralysis element to powers but simple adding a choice for the appearance of our powers. With an electric aura of some sort I could be elecflying/elecsuperspeeding/elec teleporting/elec whatever-ing. Some pwoers are great and very usefull but I happen to sometimes choose another one simple because the power appearance doesn,t fit my character.

Now, I've never got to the point of gimping myself but I am pretty sure it's possible.

and I know they have many different animations for many powers (like the runing) stance since they changed it countless times since alpha. It is still somewhere in the game like the music they didn't use or powers that disappeared during the same era. Somewhere in the huge database that is this game. It would be a good thing to be able to actually choose our animation instead of imposing the same animation to everyone.

Like the running stances actually. I like the anime-ish, ninja run that superspeed and acrobatics have but not everyone does. They will complain and it will probably be changed but after that all the oens that likes it will be disappointed. Righteous fist has had many animations too. I'd like to see it return to one of it's old animation but many people actually like the one we now have. I don't want to impose them my choices so why can't we choose our animation from a few? I'm not saying "create animations for powers RIGHT AWAY". I am merely stating that some powers already have different animations and being able to chose between them would be a plus.

Maybe I should have called this thread "a plea for customization"

Okay. I'm shutting up now.

TL;DR version

elemental melee (endurance builders mostly) and power appearance customization choices would be a good addition to the game. animation choices too.

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05-16-2010, 03:56 AM
I want this real bad too.

I love the look of Ice form and of Ice powers in this game but I don't want to be some glass cannon guy shooting Ice at people from range. I want to be an Ice tank who deflect attacks by covering his body in thick Ice and can turn his fists into giant Icy spiked maces to punch people into oblivion. So give me elemental defensive passives (I mean almost every melee set has an offensive and a defensive passive now so why isn't it the same for ranged sets ?) and elemental melee attacks.

And get rid of Power Replacers, they suck. We know it, you know it, let's stop pretend it's not the case and move on.

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05-16-2010, 02:37 PM
And get rid of Power Replacers, they suck. We know it, you know it, let's stop pretend it's not the case and move on.

They could fix that pretty easily. it has been repeated again and again in another thread by someone else.

make a slot JUST for power replaces so we don't have to sacrifice our primary offense. Anyway yhe stats on power replaces suck but the effects are always welcome.

I know, I know, it unlocks the costume aprt and youc an change it via the tailor but you don,t keep the EFFECT.

why is it so hard to understand?!

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05-16-2010, 04:02 PM
I've been working on these lately, actually (Sig has a link)

I've been doing basic sets lately, i'll probably add to them over time for all the good it will do, and elec is my next mark up to do

Elemental Melee/Weapons are one of the main things i miss from CoX

As far as travels go, we do need more, or at least customization, so i agree

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05-17-2010, 09:15 AM
To the OP:

Agreed! Why can't an "Ice" guy/gal form Ice Fists? or some such thing. Maybe one day more powers will be implimented. But why should elementalists not have elemntal melee attacks?

About travel powers: I thought it odd and wrong that a fire guy gets fireflight, an Ice guy gets the Ice Slide, but an electric guy or a sorceror need to actually CRAFT their powers at higher levels. To this I call: Shananagins!!!

Crafted items should pertain to each framework. Like EVERY one gets the basic travel power of their choice. However there are items you could ALSO make. Like sorcery flight should be something you can choose as your initial travel power, but flying rugs, broomsticks, and things like that would be craftable for those who want to go thru the effort for something extra.

anyway, I'm right there with ya!