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02-27-2010, 11:07 AM
On test and Live I tried to enable windowed maximized mode and the screen goes black, and that's it.
I have to kill the gameclient.exe in the task manager to exit the program after that.

This happened right before I updated to the new 196 drivers, so I figured if I updated the problem would be fixed, but that wasn't the case, as it still happens with the new 196.12 drivers I just installed as well.

I have two monitors and make liberal use of the second monitor while running CO, or at least I *used* to when I was regularly playing a few months ago, but now, I am unable to do so, and this feels like I'm playing with one arm tied behind my back as I am unable to use programs and view, edit, create notes I've made about CO and my characters while I am playing.

I can only run the game in full screen mode and am unable to interact with anything on the other screen.

(WinXP , Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7200 @2.53 GHz, Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT 512, 196.12 drivers)

Please look into this and hopefully fix it soon.

Thank you.