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  1. Crafting Overview
  2. Items and Crafting Feedback Posts
  3. Crafting and stats Please repost!
  4. Crafting - A Guide to Ordnance.
  5. Trainers for 100+, WHERE?
  6. "Arms Damage" buff?
  7. Still can not see what stats a item will have without buying the blueprint first.
  8. Best Craft for Dex/Ego?
  9. Need more slight insights, but I keep getting mild insights.
  10. Which Arms specialty to take for melee weapons?
  11. Crafting for Electricity
  12. Second Costumes...
  13. Dropping a crafting skill
  14. Power Replacers and Fire
  15. Power Replacer List
  16. Mysticism- Jeweled Spider Web
  17. Can other players use our crafted items?
  18. Can Someone explain item enhancement for dummies?
  19. Crafting and Items for Powered Armor
  20. Better Guns
  21. Replacer Powers- Sooo CONFUSING!
  22. Make munitions power replacers easier to read
  23. Power Replacers - A List
  24. Qulaar Pistol: What's Wrong With It?
  25. item drop rate
  26. is the lack of node skill-ups a known issue?
  27. Standard Assault Rifle Appearances
  28. Issue with the qulaar invasion drops!
  29. Market flaws:
  30. Where do I find componets?
  31. claw costume unlocks
  32. Please dev's change some of these crafted weapons
  33. Unlocked Costume parts
  34. Leveling up crafting
  35. Arms not recommended for Munitions character?
  36. Enhancments?
  37. NOOB MODE = Where's the Elec love?
  38. Looking for the best crafting for force
  39. Science and Blueprints
  40. What's the point of the specialist trainers?
  41. Action Figures!
  42. Power Replacers/unlockable costumes
  43. Arms Crafting at lvl 100+....where should I gather?
  44. Where can I get Hunter-Patriot weapon models?
  45. How to pick a craft.
  46. Very Dumb Question : Selling Items
  47. Disappointed in Crafting
  48. Destroyer Defeated Item
  49. Research Rating?
  50. Inventory Management Feedback
  51. POWER REPLACER Costume Unlocks do not carry Sound Effects, and need to!
  52. Resonance Enhancement Module broken?
  53. Invasion pet question
  54. Please explain can you buff current gear?
  55. Power Replacements for Force Powers
  56. Crafting focus for DEX/EGO Dual Blades?
  57. Item Database List- Craftables
  58. What's up with the Offense stat?
  59. Blueprint/Enhancement Costs
  60. Completely underwhelmed with item rewards / drops
  61. Crafting progression rate
  62. Fear vs. Fear!
  63. Power replace confusion
  64. Enchanted Gear
  65. Bonus items questions
  66. Best prof for Force?
  67. How do i get my qualar action figure out of my bag?
  68. Loot is just terrible right now.
  69. Best Prof for Force/Elec Ego/Dex
  70. Non-charged Devices?
  71. 'VI-SA "Shorty" Blaster Pistol - Power Replacer - What does it do?
  72. Crafting suggestion
  73. Items I am a bit confused
  74. Bug or Feature?
  75. Able research some items and not others..
  76. Fun Thought
  77. Maybe I am missing something here, but . . .
  78. Gatling Pistol
  79. Why is crafting a guessing game?
  80. So I have these books..
  81. Tutorial Key to the city - keep?
  82. Descriptions...
  83. Switching Professions?
  84. Looking to Trade
  85. Insights... what level do I need to research?
  86. Stronghold Taser Gauntlets
  87. Item Count in Hotbar
  88. Power Replacer Drops Question
  89. Gatling Pistol = No Mojo???
  90. Weapon Types for Dual Blades
  91. Are the high end crafted items BOP or BOE?
  92. how to unlock costume pieces in items
  93. I guess action figures are items so I'll ask here...
  94. Newletter Action Figure
  95. Can I just assume that no mission rewards will ever be useful?
  96. Explain enhancements please
  97. Crafting Design Feedback
  98. Er, how do i use the A4 Frost Rifle..yes i have munitions
  99. Has anyone created a Blueprints info page yet?
  100. Suggestion for power replacers
  101. Arms vs. Mysticism (Swords)
  102. 50% endurance reduction items
  103. Outleveling Insights / Profunities / Etc.
  104. Power Replace Defenses
  105. Menton quest reward meaning
  106. GameStop Exclusive bug wings costume piece
  107. Sword/Munitions Display
  108. PvP item stats are laughable
  109. Depressing.
  110. How do I make a bow stay in my hand?
  111. Ugly Power replacer - can I have my old swords back?
  112. Gun Power Replacer Breakdown
  113. Duplicate stat enhancements with diff names?
  114. Perk Previews
  115. PvP rewards different when equipped
  116. Brawler power replacer idea.
  117. Steam purchase: 2 special damage effects
  118. Crafting focus for force (END/EGO)?
  119. Just wondering about weapons
  120. Looking for Khopesh Dual Blades
  121. Problem underastanding power replacers
  122. Unlocking Costume Pieces
  123. Converting common mats to common mats?
  124. Apotheosis Question
  125. Fire Bug and Dr. Silverback Figures
  126. Does EVERYONE make bags?
  127. Question about enhancements
  128. blueprint drop creating bop
  129. Dex/Ego?
  130. Might - Arms
  131. Stats VS. Procs, is it worth it?
  132. Best Buy Damage Resist Item?
  133. gadgeteering replacers
  134. Why don't Blueprints tell you useful stuff?
  135. I made something (Crafting channel)
  136. Where do you buy 300+ skill recipes?
  137. glitch when doing research
  138. Cost Vs Reward for consumables
  139. Confused
  140. Item sell prices
  141. Sensible question here: where to farm?
  142. Blue resources for T1 crafting, any use?
  143. Power replacer broken effects.
  144. Power Replacement Items - Are They Useful?
  145. My crafting experience
  146. So What Stacks?
  147. Idea for profundities
  148. Do recipes drop? Why are my custom items such low level
  149. How do I use the Crybaby Grenade????
  150. Power Replacer problem
  151. Ok, 'splain this to me: Claws of Da'ath Imbuement
  152. How do you track resources?
  153. Gadgeteer costume/weapon pieces
  154. Name for minor/major ehancement mod to END/CON
  155. Crafting Materials
  156. Suggestion : Better information on Enhancements
  157. unique specialization pets!
  158. Weapons question
  159. Can't Read Full Item Descriptions - Power Replacers
  160. Crafting Stats..
  161. Mutation Table in MC?
  162. "Security" SMG, Pistol, Rifle - muzzle flash not showing correctly
  163. Critical's in crafting?
  164. Help please, weapon changing
  165. TK Blades - Appearance
  166. need help finding a sword
  167. Research bug: Items from other fields
  168. Anyone found a minigun costume unlock yet?
  169. What area to find 100-200 items
  170. Blueprint Requirements...
  171. Epiphany?
  172. SUBMARINE Action Figure Appreciation Thread
  173. Do all professions get the same enhancments??
  174. Higher level items with costume unlocks.
  175. Peacemakers
  176. not sure if this is the right section.
  177. Skill specialization... Does it fit my character?
  178. somone help me understand
  179. Is there any chance we could get a preview site link?
  180. Question regarding Mass Researching items
  181. Need some advice from some crafters
  182. Action Figure previews
  183. Dex and Ego buildwhich craft?
  184. Qulaar Pistol
  185. What crafting for Munitions?
  186. Crafting Makes No sense
  187. Why can't I craft this item if it tells me I have all the mats
  188. Guide to Science/Inventions (Partial)
  189. Enhancements and specialisation
  190. Craft for telekinesis
  191. Deconstructing into other crafting components?
  192. Arms 260 skill and 360 skill require wrong components
  193. Stronghold Rucksack
  194. Several Tier 4 Arms crafting Utility items set in wrong category
  195. STill confused! Help!
  196. Power Replacers for Tele?
  197. What Happened to Burnside Vengeance?
  198. Craft for DEX/EGO
  199. Why do components not mention the tier they're used in?
  200. Hypothalmic Helmet - As good as it seems?
  201. More personal bank slots?
  202. 3.2 Health over 30 seconds? Misplaced a decimal point?
  203. Whats up with this item?
  204. "Unlocks new costume piece" for munitions?
  205. Feedback: Crafting leveling speed + secondary/primary item costs (bug?)
  206. Swapping out bags
  207. Not leveling up crafting skill when harvesting
  208. No Customizable Level 40 Gear?
  209. A quick "thank you" to whoever wrote item descriptions.
  210. Unusual stats on items: How do they work exactly?
  211. Taste my drumsticks of JUSTICE!
  212. I would like to see a buy back tab on the store screen!
  213. Are blueprint costs too much?
  214. How do I know what blueprints make?
  215. why no ego/dex craftable statted items?
  216. Do items on the marketplace ever expire?
  217. Problem with marketplace search function
  218. Please give more of a clear sense what sub disciplines do
  219. Are people breaking Nodes?
  220. So, the three schools all have similar stats, but in a slightly different order?
  221. 78 rares to make an item?
  222. Power replacers for might?
  223. "Enhancements" do what exactly?
  224. Colossus Enhancement
  225. How do I know what my specialization was?
  226. What does one do if one neglects crafting till level 15?
  227. Multiple specializations?
  228. so is it better
  229. Can someone please explain CUSTOM CRAFTING?
  230. Weapon Replacer Pics
  231. Markets/Auction House ?
  232. I have a utility item that says it unlocks a cape.
  233. Power Replacers in Mysticism?
  234. Why is this item purple quality when the green item seems better?
  235. Whats a good craft for Con/end??
  236. Best crafting tree for my hero??
  237. Moving items between bags?
  238. Moving items to an alt character on the same account
  239. Is OMEGA Crafting not in the game?
  240. Researching needs a major tweak.
  241. Is there a defense cap on gear?
  242. Does the qularr pistol replacer still drop in the tutorial
  243. Does root resistence/hold resistence stack?
  244. Non-working auction house search getting very irritating
  245. Stuck on making enhanced item
  246. Costumes: No "wrinkled" female tights?
  247. "On Kill" items don't work right.
  248. Looking for Utility items but I don't know their names.
  249. Pickaxe sword replacers
  250. Force/Telepathy