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  1. Missions and Content Feedback Posts
  2. How to Get Ironclad to Talk for the "We Are the Champions" Perk?
  3. Where is the quest "Right off the Bat"?
  4. Feeding frenzy contact not working.
  5. Lost in the Snow - Reference to Lost?
  6. Have we agreed on a wiki to use yet so we can start listing perks?
  8. Can't do both Canada and Desert Intro Missions?
  9. Sigil of Radiant Sanctuary
  10. "Out of the Wastland" Perk Bug.
  11. where is the quest Cat atrophe?
  12. I think a change needs to be made...
  13. Mission reward costume pieces
  14. Looking for "Mother nature can be a real..." misson
  15. Grand Theft Altercation?
  16. Any extensive check list or outline for missions?
  17. "Rivalry for the Relic"
  18. Hiker's horror disabled?
  19. Into the Storm
  20. Devs, Give Canada Willderness an intro scene.
  21. Invasion Density
  22. Can you outlevel missions?
  23. Missions that you can't complete
  24. Please Let Us Share ALL Missions...
  25. Unoffical new xp opinoin thread!
  26. Is there Qularr outside of Tutorial?
  27. What does Jail Break VIllian Look Like?
  28. Let us share loot drop during missions
  29. where can I find foxbat?
  30. Bomb Deactivation Bug?
  31. Mission list
  32. Outfit Restrictions
  33. Possible content hole at level 17
  34. Going back to 1st desert zone after entering 2nd
  35. Perks - Missable Ones and Perks in General
  36. Invasion Item Drops
  37. Does it Get Bigger?
  38. Unity Recruitment bugged for me
  39. So What Is the Group Content?
  40. Top level and content ?
  41. Invasion Location
  42. What to get NOW??
  43. Content Ebb and flow: Qularr event a good start
  44. Quests giving only 10% of resources
  45. Dairy Queen Bugged
  46. Rescue missing climbers
  47. Asciing for Trouble [open quest]
  48. Is there a secret to being allowed to go back?
  49. Perks
  50. Hang Em' High PQ is a pathing/AI nightmare
  51. Impossible badges
  52. Millenium City to Blah
  53. Foxbattle of The Network Stars (WCOC Building)
  54. Telekinesis Needs something
  55. Full respec?
  56. Is the public quest in Canada broken?
  57. Has anyone ever found Deadbeat for Elli-mony?
  58. Socrates
  59. Gadroon, what heck...
  60. Raid-like Instances?
  61. Snake Gultch Public Quest
  62. XP amounts for popup missions make no sense
  63. Level 30+ - where to now?
  64. Snakebucks? Broken?
  65. Where is Leo's Bar??
  66. Open Missions prizes a little funky?
  67. A couple of errors
  68. Speed in Need
  69. Prison Break
  70. Radiation and Cold resistance?
  71. Fight Club Broken?
  72. Nemesis Content Repeatable? Difficulty scalable?
  73. uncommon cold broken?
  74. 'Cleaning up the town' & 'Fastest gun in the west'
  75. Repeatable PvP Mission?
  76. Mission "Hiding in Plain Site" bugged?
  77. Kevin Poe unbeatable?
  78. Howling recurve Bow
  79. Snake Gulch Snakebucks Issue
  80. You call THAT an invasion?
  81. Canada Contact in MC
  82. Random Mission distances
  83. Lairs?
  84. High Level / Endgame Content ?
  85. SnakeGulch Mission that gives Naughty Nicky Robot action figure
  86. Missing a Quest Line in MC
  87. "Downtown Dustoff" bugged?
  88. Sharing is caring
  89. Minding the Mutants - Munitions Muddle
  90. Mission variety and replayability
  91. User Created Quest/Super Quest
  92. To those who have created a nemesis...
  93. Lemuria Crisis - help?!
  94. Lvl 19 spent 45 minutes killing Poe...
  95. Why do u all hate my great ideas!
  96. Biotechnical Difficulties
  97. yep... another invasion post...
  98. Downtown Dustoff, My Lost Foot - bugged?
  99. Stronghold Crash
  100. Hiding in Plain Sight
  101. 16+ mission areas?
  102. Memorial Park Peacekeeping
  103. Where is Monsters Island?
  104. What is an instance?
  105. The Perfect Prey question
  106. Elli-mony
  107. Infiltrating Project Awakening
  108. Mr Zombie quest "Dead Alive" working for anyone?
  109. We as a community have to come together and be heard. THE FIRST PETITION FOR CO!
  110. Electric Eel Supersoldier?
  111. Doomsday Clock - Gamestopping bug?
  112. Rivalry for the Relic quest
  113. Ferd Mission Trouble
  114. Need help on Blank and Stein's Monster
  115. Who did you clear the mission gap between 31-32?
  116. The Hunters Hunting still bugged?
  117. Escort-Steal: What It Is, How To Fix It
  118. Do Canada and Desret ?
  119. Killing Grond
  120. Travel Channel Online
  121. Jailbreak has made a break for it and is broken
  122. Questions about Nemesis missions/stroyline
  123. Mission arc ends after "Diary Queen"?
  124. Are you there Grond? It's me Viper
  125. Solo'ed a lvl 28 cosmic mob... on lvl 29...
  126. Cannot find that damned Magnetometer
  127. Perkolator - Channel for all things PERK
  128. The Desert Oasis...
  129. Qularr Invasion:Make it Worth it
  130. Socrates Emergency Missions
  131. Viper Grond Hunter Ques
  132. Patrol mission oddity
  133. King Pong tips?
  134. Mind Inc Your Moves
  135. After killing Menton in the prison..
  136. "Detriot River Bound" and "Mother nature can be a real..."
  137. Great Brainwashed Masses
  138. Nemesis Clues
  139. Missing content in the crisis zones
  140. Let's discuss the level 30 five man dungeons.
  141. Level 29-31 Lack of Missions
  142. Out of quests at 23
  143. Public Quest Participation Imbalance?
  144. "Howdy Pardner"
  145. Needs more Foxbat!
  146. Citizen Quests: Fatally Flawed
  147. General Feedback
  148. My dream story arc (Needing 20 players)
  149. Dangerous Collusions
  150. Shanghaied Science Door to Outsidey-ness
  151. Mental retribution
  152. Something Fishy : Flesh Eating Fish Tricky To Target
  153. Level 30+ : XP curve + lack of missions
  154. Snake Gulch Tokens.
  155. Simple mission amendments
  156. Group XP?
  157. Citizens and their quests.
  158. What to do after 30, post nerf, ideas that aren't grinding 35k mobs?
  159. Open Group Mission and Hangman
  160. Unmarked NPCs: ("Psi-Ed Effects" and "Island Invitation")
  161. Missions and Leveling Curve
  162. Instances are too short
  163. I have ran out of quests at level 16
  164. Scared Stiff - Repeatable Quest?
  165. Mission XP Nerf: Anyone remember the old numbers?
  166. C'Mon Devs, Fix the Bugged Missions
  167. Question about Disaster in the Desert
  168. Cryptic Devs Please Roll Back this Patch
  169. Lv 18 DEMONs in the Desert
  170. Looking for a couple missions.
  171. Socrates - Is it stalking me?
  172. How to Skip Lemuria Crisis and still go to Lemuria
  173. Nerfed EXP again, need more missions.
  174. Help please, Clean up the town, Fastest Gun in the West (Snake Gulch)
  175. request help with desert missions
  176. 10.8.09??
  177. Wouldn't it be better to allow mission difficulty settings instead of nerfs?
  178. Where is the area 51 knowledge unlock?
  179. Some criticism on Lairs(Dr. Destoyer Factory)Spoiler!
  180. Fight Club (3) missing Computer Records?
  181. Qualarr Invasion from the early start
  182. lvl 22 and struggling
  183. Boarding the helicopter
  184. Saving Heroes... in little jars
  185. Leveling is pretty fubar
  186. Problem with Harmon Convergance
  187. Launch day and free expansion already announced?
  188. Mission Computer: Level 24 Psi mission
  189. Lotsa Green Army Men!
  190. Quick! Saunter to safety!
  191. The Hunters Hunting STILL not working
  192. Open Missions: IMO the most urgent issue right now/pls fix this!!
  193. Nemesis mission
  194. So did anyone find Morph yet?
  195. Mission: Ineligible (aka Team-Up Problems)
  196. CO dull missions shock probe
  197. End Content
  198. Gigaton Mission?
  199. Please double the number of quests
  200. Please add more coolness to quest
  201. Why would I team?
  202. How to Free Incapacitated Civilans under debris?
  203. Couple bugged MC missions
  204. Problem with the Monster Island in Crisis completion loot drop?
  205. Tutorial Trouble
  206. The New Pollution perk - please fix this soon :)
  207. Beneath the Paint
  208. Kudos on Project Awakening
  209. Instanced Missions
  210. Really need to add incentive for grouping
  211. Vicinity Teaming
  212. Hub City?
  213. Location of observation team in Stronghold mission?
  214. Cant seem to find way to Monster or Lemuria
  215. NPC's fire range
  216. Location Based Missions and Teleport
  217. This is the Endgame Content - FYI, please read
  218. so, missions that are missing or broken/disabled as of now
  219. (Newbish) Looking for a mission in Canada Crisis
  220. Where is Neanderthal?
  221. Level 13 when done in canda and low level quests in MC :S
  222. Operation Stronghold Reward item
  223. Thank you Cryptic! We've been heard :D
  224. none finished missions
  225. Tutorial Info *Spoiler Info*
  226. King Pong - how to survive ambush?
  227. Nemesis missions
  228. Forget Super Villains... (Tough) henchmen are brutal
  229. Super Group Colors and Symbol?
  230. Content Gaps
  231. Snake Gulch was fun!
  232. Nemesis: I'd love to see a screenshot of my nemesis
  233. Are there any more Nemesis missions after the one where you kill Ghost Veil?
  234. [Mission Bug] Canada: Spawn Camper - Steelhead Respawn location
  235. Need missions for lvl 24
  236. 38-40 Mission gap
  237. Given the increased difficulty, don't offer + 3 missions
  238. Difficulty is all over the place
  239. Im lvl 30 and have no more missions
  240. how to create a nemesis
  241. My Lost Foot
  242. Hello, Kitty Mission
  243. Stock Market needs help
  244. Mission: "Makin' Tracks"
  245. UNITY special assignment help, Memorial park museum.
  246. Nemesis missions bugged?
  247. Wrangler Perk
  248. Canada vs Desert
  249. Easter eggs
  250. Missions I seem to have missed in Snake Gulch.