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  1. Nexus' Unofficial Game Content FAQ
  2. Need Support?
  3. Quick Reference Guide
  4. Head Start FAQ
  5. hi
  6. No exclusive items or action figure?
  7. Hmm
  8. Desert or Canada?
  9. I am sure it's 1PM PDT.....no server??
  10. Is it up or down?
  11. Character slots....
  12. Where are the capes in this game?
  13. Character Builder
  14. Gamestop pre-order issue.
  15. Headstart Event
  16. Server Not Responding
  17. All the lovely threads.
  18. is there a list of server names yet?
  19. Can't find the gloves I used in beta...
  20. CC needed for Head Start?
  21. Zomg I am a noob. Questions about builds.
  22. Skipping The Tutorial
  23. Headstart Event: Qularr power replacements.
  24. Massive lag
  25. global heroe search
  26. Foxbat in the tutorial? Is it true?
  27. Blood?
  28. Action figures
  29. Exclusive costume unlocks question
  30. Qular invasion... where?
  31. Guper group colours and logo on costumes
  32. Preorder items??
  33. Quick Key Bind Question
  34. Microtransactions: When will it be available?
  35. So Much For Headstart
  36. Can we load beta skins?
  37. Naming Question
  38. So Did I completely miss the mobs in the tutorial that drop anything more than 1cp?
  39. Pre-Ordered In Store at Gamestop....No Headstart Key Given
  40. Lifers should get
  41. Why did you guys wait till the last minute to pre-order?
  42. Super Group Mode
  43. Munitions Character
  44. Unlockables?
  45. Can't figure out power color customization
  46. Warning Dont buy from GameStop
  47. Millennium City to Desert.
  48. How do you hide power replacers?
  49. Where did Online Discussion section go?
  50. What Stats Increase Powers?
  51. Different Servers
  52. Is there a way to buyback sold items to vendors?
  53. Tanking Advice
  54. Costume Creator Question
  55. Question about sorcery and pets
  56. Saving and Sharing Costumes
  57. fire breath
  58. if you can log in now your in the headstart?
  59. If i buy the 6month script do i need to buy the game to
  60. New Player Guide (Check Here First) - Basic Q&A
  61. Toons look horrible. Settings to change?
  62. Play.com uk invalid key?
  63. Restriceted names and Original characters
  64. Supergroup NPC
  65. any chance for paypal
  66. Ranged attacks quetsions.
  67. Retail
  68. Early access = Early headache?
  69. If i want to cancel my 6th month sub can i?
  70. "Create Your Story"
  71. So whoever can sign in now is in headstart even if I haven't paid for a subscrition?
  72. Saving\Loading costumes
  73. In-game time.
  74. Supergroup Banks?
  75. Patch Notes
  76. Head start live event items.
  77. Attribute/Stats question
  78. Where is my preorder bonus items
  79. Xbox 360 Controller how to access map
  80. Confused.
  81. Server down? 6.30am?
  82. Can I cancel my 6 month sub before it starts?
  83. First Two Powers Damage and % Starter Guide
  84. Need clarity about early start
  85. Trouble with Gamestop preorder.
  86. Quick question.
  87. Pre-order bonus question
  88. Missing LIfetime sub options
  89. Training from Crime Computer
  90. action figures
  91. Invalid Key
  92. ( Player Guide: Roles) Know Your Roles and Shut yer Mouth!
  93. ( Player Guide: Characteristic Focuses) Super Stats and You!
  94. ( Player Guide: Defenses) The Best Defense is a Good Passive Defence!
  95. ( Player Guide: Martial Arts) Focus and Momentum of the Dragon
  96. Name@Name
  97. Costume Slots and Builds
  98. Having trouble enterting the headstart
  99. vista and screenshots
  100. Outlaw Jack
  101. Getting into the head start program
  102. In Game Currency
  103. Respec question
  104. New patch today.. No Patch notes once again..
  105. 6 month sub and D2D 1free month, does it stack?
  106. Cape graphics - I'm confused
  107. Supergroup Creation
  108. Username Confusion
  109. There a way to view weapon models in costume editor?
  110. Custom vs Set Framework?
  111. picking a shard
  112. Leaving Millenium City
  113. In what year does Champions Online take place?
  114. A bit of Cryptic redemption
  115. EU Client and NA Client = Same?
  116. Noob Question
  117. I just wanted to say...
  118. Full Respec after bug fix?
  119. way to view fps?
  120. How Do item enhancement work?
  121. Nemesis Mini-FAQ
  122. re-binding screen shot key
  123. How do I get to Dessrt or Canada?
  124. Chance of downloadable character editor... ?
  125. sooo... what happened to the community forums?
  126. Headstart - Event Items: where ?
  127. What are the really hard hitting sets?
  128. Where do you access lifetime subscription costume sets?
  129. late pre-order. wheres best place to buy to have head start today
  130. What level is the First Quest String in Millenium City
  131. Starting stats template
  132. credit card problem
  133. Action Figures - Where to Buy them and how to get them
  134. Travel from Millenium City back to Desert/Canada
  135. Lifetime Membership
  136. Early Access via direct2drive doesnt work?
  137. The Number of heros you can build
  138. Change characters name?
  139. Costume Question
  140. Why Are We Forced To Have 5 People To Make An Sg?
  141. CO vs CoH/CoV
  142. Stats on CO confuse me
  143. Unlocked New Costume
  144. Manual
  145. Teaming with friends that have level difference
  146. Why has the Australian release date been pushed to the 10th?
  147. Rate My Champion
  148. About the early access/beta code thing.
  149. Perception
  150. Will there be a giant patch on Monday?
  151. how do we create our arch villain?
  152. Auto attack porblem.
  153. Gamestop preorder question
  154. Character Name change question!
  155. Frame vs Custom
  156. Requesting sticky: Emotes
  157. Perks...
  158. question about talent.
  159. Computer in Fight Club
  160. service tickets
  161. Can i buy the lifetime thing before buying the game?
  162. Key to Millennium City - Mission item with no turn in?
  163. Patching questions
  164. Where are the Social tools?
  165. What does /anonymous do?
  166. Changing Forum/Global Name
  167. What are action figures?
  168. What's the secret to keeping it up?
  169. glowing eyes and other parts
  170. 2nd build question
  171. Will we be able to purchase and download the client online?
  172. Bank/Vault/Storage
  173. Nvidia users with low FPS
  174. Beta event action figure
  175. Testing my Signature for approval
  176. When do servers open up for everyone?
  177. ...Having problems with Headstart?
  178. Sharing Star Trek Online CB Access
  179. Were can i sell my inventory stuff?
  180. Why can't we customize the energy builder powers?
  181. The biggest you can get a character
  182. The Mayors Speech
  183. What are Negative Ions?
  184. 6 Month Subscription
  185. Too Late?
  186. Money from Auction House Sales
  187. Subscription Special Decision Question
  188. Super Stat picked at lvl 6 (Self-Gimped?)
  189. do not activate your game until sept the first
  190. Silverback / Bug Hunter how to activate
  191. Multiple Preorder Locations
  192. Is the 6-month offer activable when I want to... ?
  193. Updating character profiles?
  194. Request: Mark wearing items
  195. Character Creation Contest?
  196. Do I have buy retail game with my lifetime memebership??/
  197. Student Buddies & Need for Speed (Tutorial Quests)
  198. Costime problems, please help me?
  199. Art Deco instead of Retro Future set?
  200. Talents vs. Characteristic Focus
  201. Can you do the UTC Past Level 20?
  202. Confused about Confuse
  203. Weapon Graphic Preview.
  204. Power colours?
  205. Have beta client, must I install retail?
  206. What TIME does it start for all us non 3 day early starters
  207. Power Recharge/Cool Down
  208. What is tapping?
  209. Couple questions I should knwo, but dont
  210. Qularr Invasion
  211. Do i need to pay for this game?
  212. When do character profiles update?
  213. How do I create a second costume?
  214. How do I use Regeneration?
  215. Endurance vs Recovery? What is the difference?
  216. Auto-Attack not in Slot 1
  217. Game manual
  218. Cancelling Subscription?
  219. Darkness tree
  220. Super Groups
  221. Why intelligence for PA?
  222. power slot?
  223. How to close tickets in-game
  224. Interface to control LFG options?
  225. Costume piece identification
  226. Power slots- need help
  227. When we get the box
  228. Tutorial at launch-Will we be forced to do it?
  229. Invasion Perks
  230. Buy Champions later rather than pre-order pickup
  231. What head item is this?
  232. How do I cancel my lifetime subscription?
  233. Help! ._.
  234. Tusks, eh?
  235. Your tip for the newbs!
  236. Trouble at my level
  237. Assistance Please - Odd Problem
  238. Trying to update launcher?
  239. Hey Dev's....360 info
  240. Rate My Champions Question
  241. Replace Inventory Bags?
  242. Pre-order Items
  243. Another "I Can't Decide My Build" Thread..
  244. Is is possible to get a shield?
  245. Will The Maintenance Times Change?
  246. Defender Action Figure
  247. Buying from the Perks Quartermaster question
  248. What time on the 1st?
  249. Help!!
  250. Where Am I In Rate My Champion??