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  1. Subforum Guidelines and Important Links
  2. What are Gold Travel Powers?
  3. Champions Online Goes Free to Play in Early 2011
  4. will gold and silver players be subjects to lag ?
  5. lifetime/gold account availability and the ability to donate time
  6. Lv40 Content Additions?
  7. Will I be Able To Keep My Current Toons And Open A New Account?
  8. Lifetime Membership
  9. Veteran Rewards?
  10. Lifetime Money Back
  11. How will the planned xp bonus items work and what about getting ingame C-points?
  12. Gold & Silver characters on one account?
  13. What will be the protection against RMT spammers in CO, when it goes free to play?
  14. Oh, Canada
  15. Will Lifetime Membership ever be available again?
  16. UNITY and UNTIL
  17. Silver VS Gold PVP: How does Cryptic Plan on avoiding the massive Imbalances?
  18. Give Gold Subscribers a monthly Cryptic Point Stipend
  19. CO update
  20. beta
  21. 30 days from buying the box, but could not get it due to needing a credit card...
  22. Love the new F2P Option
  23. A question about F2P
  24. CHAMPIONS REBOOT - Suggestions
  25. Converting from Gold to Silver - will you lose Adventure Packs?
  26. Archetypes & Ranks
  27. Custom Archetypes completely unavaliable to silver players?
  28. Does Customer Support mean Silver players have no GM recourse for harassment?
  29. LIfetime Subscription
  30. Does Archetypes Mean New Powers
  31. Will there be any content for level 40s?
  32. Limited offer $10/month sub question
  33. Will the limited offer of 3 for $30 go away?
  34. Lifetime subscribers
  35. If you already pay now...
  36. Shouldn't There be a third "type" of player?
  37. Uh... 1 bag for Silver?
  38. Market House Lots
  39. Going from Gold to Silver : What will happen to 3rd, 4th, etc characters and so ?
  40. C-Store Toon Slots Bought Prior to F2P
  41. Call Lifetime Subscribers Platinum
  42. Lifetime offered again?
  43. C-Store Item Boosts (damage boost, etc)
  44. F2P and Friend Referrals...
  45. SG and Teaming
  46. If an account was purchaced before the change do you keep the content on sliver?
  47. F2P still requires a game purchase?
  48. How will Priority Login work?
  49. Converting Down - Will Players Loose Everything?
  50. What is this going to do for the game?
  51. going siver = what for characters?
  52. Any chance we could change the names away from "Gold" and "Silver"
  53. No respecs for Silver?
  54. WIll the level cap be raised for Gold subs?
  55. 10 Market slots? Really?
  56. How will F2P effect Friend Referrals?
  57. Will Lifetime perk items be put in the C-Store come F2P?
  58. Access to all Zones for "Silver" members
  59. Meant with as much love as possible...
  60. Some thoughts, kudos, and concerns
  61. How will the Magnifier work?
  62. Short Term - what are subscribers getting out of this?
  63. Clarification: Subscribers must pay more, or earn less xp/do less damage?
  64. City of Heroes - Unaffected?
  65. Lifetime Subscribers
  66. Nemesis System?
  67. Give Unrestricted PvP ques some "incentives"
  68. There should be 3 Playertypes.
  69. How "required" will the CStore be to enjoy CO when it goes F2P with optional sub?
  70. Another Way?
  71. Builds
  72. How will CO's XMPP (Jabber) support be affected by this?
  73. Gametime cards (Gold or Silver) ?
  74. Archetypes: Free-to-Play FAQ vs State of the Game
  75. F2P and UGC question...
  76. F2P and Steam
  77. My list of issues with F2P (friendly ones!)
  78. So, what do my fellow Vanguard's think about this?
  79. A suggestion instead of Archetypes
  80. A reason to be Gold
  81. ALMOST perfect implementation
  82. Beta Signup?
  83. about growing bigger and smaller/ werewolf etc
  84. If I bought the game before the change, do I keep the content at silver?
  85. The real problem with the freeplay idea
  86. "Gold " Free Live support
  87. Passives and Archetypes
  88. Don't Segregate the Boards
  89. I would like to keep my stuff thank you.
  90. Does Gold membership come with free forum avatars?
  91. Why hue shifting?
  92. Are there any plans to resell Lifetime memberships?
  93. Atari, you smart motherf-
  94. How flexible are archetypes?
  95. Couple of Questions and an Idea or two.
  96. Equipment and Gold to Silver
  97. hopes for free to play
  98. Will I lose characters if I switch to silver?
  99. Questions re: FtP going live
  100. Veteran Reward suggestions
  101. Lifetime subscriber and new adventure packs
  102. Why Archetypes?
  103. When is CO getting the Foundry(UGC) and how will this work with F2P?
  104. Archetype Question...
  105. What does this mean for "every four to six weeks"
  106. Demo to full free retail?
  107. Understanding what Archetypes mean for future development...
  108. 'silverification' question
  109. A case for Custom Power Selection for all.
  110. Question about billing
  111. Why not make forums access senority based?
  112. Billboards in Millennium City
  113. Compiled Questions and Answers
  114. 2011 New Powersets for Gold Members?
  115. No more new zones from now on?
  116. Why are chat's Limited?
  117. Re-Open Lifetime subs for Equality among players
  118. Power Tinting.
  119. Calander of Events - can we have now?
  120. Are talents, superstats and the innate characteristic counted as advantages?
  121. Lifetime Subscription worthless?
  122. Question
  123. Gold -> Silver -> Gold again?
  124. Will content continue to be added?
  125. Ok - another one . . . why restricting custom ATs is bad
  126. Why adding a C-point stipend to Gold Subscriptions would benefit Cryptic
  127. Let's talk Beta, and how to get in.
  128. Liking F2P, but I'm still feeling shortchanged
  129. F2P Beta bringing us up to code parity with STO/NWN?
  130. Yes, there will be a stipend
  131. Will the F2P change current C-Store prices?
  132. Please don't open zone chat to silver
  133. Do silver menbers get to play on the Test Server?
  134. Will full glow and costume part combo revamp to come in the revamp to FTP?
  135. Why only two levels
  136. Gold vs Silver Archetypes: Whats the difference?
  137. Consider Hourly or Daily Gold access?
  138. This is making me come back
  139. Any chance Rate My Champ is reset for F2P?
  140. Consider Bronze/Silver/Gold
  141. Free to play question
  142. Return of underused costumes and preorder stuff?
  143. How does this change things?
  144. Unlimited Bag Space for Gold Members
  145. Archetype Usefulness for Gold Members
  146. Give Me A Reason To Play
  147. Do Silver's have any choice?
  148. Lifetime Subscription
  149. Confused on what exactly are Archetypes
  150. Suggestion: Differentiate between paying and non-paying silver players.
  151. What will the actual Archetypes be?
  152. Should Silver accounts get free recons when things change/fix?
  153. Trading C-store points?
  154. I wonder if in f2p we can still create our own...
  155. Subbed to Non-Subbed and Back - Clarification
  156. UNFAIR to lifetime subscribers
  157. Just got done looking at the F2p Matrix and...
  158. When Will It Be F2P ??
  159. Jet boots from Beta: Can we have that as C-store device travel power?
  160. Vigorous Advertising Planned?
  161. Archetypes and Retcons
  162. An Idea Regarding Archetypes
  163. New Lairs?
  164. Adding the back mounted jet pack to the C-Store
  165. Will the Auction allow you to search for stat?
  166. If you don't like free $50 just because its not free $100 don't take it
  167. Hey Ame, Its Friday! :)
  168. Pre-defined Superstats for Archtypes - seriously?
  169. Damage and XP Booster questions
  170. Can we rename "Gold" purchasable items?
  171. Will Archetypes be unable to change Roles?
  172. Archetype Advancement
  173. Is closed beta going to be running as scheduled?
  174. Are the Silver and Gold names a hint of things to come?
  175. Fee to convert gold sub to silver membership?
  176. XP changes
  177. Champ Free to play question
  178. Will the zone chat bug be fixed for F2P ?
  179. Will there be incentives for unrestricted PvP?
  180. Let's Fix Travel !!!!
  181. Beta also for non-sub?
  182. Will the C-Store be expanded at the F2P launch?
  183. Level Caps
  184. Support XP question
  185. Trial
  186. Beta idea: volunteer for a Silver account?
  187. Will there be a balanace pass as part of FtP?
  188. Unstable Mutant Gold Archtype
  189. F2P Beta.. Client and Invite question
  190. About Crisis in the Desert, also additional char slots
  191. how do u get beta??
  192. Who's doing F2P BETA, and how is it?
  193. Silver Accounts and Bank Tabs
  194. Grondling Serum maybe?
  195. What exactly where the eligibility requirements for beta possibility?
  196. Any one else starring at the Inbox?
  197. An update on character slots
  198. Gold Member get dual builds?
  199. how do i get an invitation
  200. Trail version
  201. The Behemoth Archetype
  202. The Inferno: Superstats Recovery and endurance
  203. Pillar of Poz?
  204. Beta Key
  205. Baffled!
  206. F2P Lessons
  207. Targeting Computer for Soldier
  208. AT build contest for current subs?
  209. No Recovery for Savage?
  210. ATs and striving for powers
  211. What are the Archetypes
  212. Some feedback on current F2P Archetypes
  213. New Powers Featured In Archetypes
  214. I was wondering if you devs can use this ad I made a while back
  215. Archetypes: Reasoning and Suggestions
  216. hmm dunno what to say.
  217. The Mind - Radiant Aura isn't what you think...
  218. Archetype Passives Mystery Resolved!
  219. Keep Passives Stat Specific
  220. Power changes for Free to Play
  221. Upcoming new powers for Free to Play
  222. How do I get into the Beta?
  223. If I Stop Subscribing... Will I be Converted to Silver?
  224. Breaking passives from specific superstats is going to be hysterical
  225. Don't gimp expander!
  226. Too many stats in this game
  227. Confused
  228. Retcon
  229. Special Archtypes
  230. Tier 4 buff-up to spark Gold player interest?
  231. I got a beta invite
  232. Are there going to be more free archetypes?
  233. Will "Suggested Frameworks" Kick the Bucket?
  234. How many Nemeses for Silver Members?
  235. Just an idea
  236. Will Archetypes be proliferated to NPCs?
  237. Balancing?
  238. Need a friend referral code
  239. When going from Gold to Silver, how does a char change?
  240. Why do people refuse to read the FAQ?
  241. Stipend for People Subscribed Since the Past Years
  242. Can these freebie archetypes get a free heal power?
  243. The Mind Archtype
  244. Archtype Confusion
  245. Power Replacers?
  246. Will Beta be going to PTS before live?
  247. Consolidated Question Compendium
  248. What about players who bought the game and subscribed at one point?
  249. CostumePieces> Auras to compete with CoH/V
  250. Force Costume Creation