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  1. New forum!
  2. What happened to the Lore?
  3. Areas of synergy between the PnP RPG and Champions Online MMO
  4. Books
  5. HERO Primer: For those that have played CO and are curious about the tabletop RPG
  6. Any PnP characters you'd like to share?
  7. Now Available: CHAMPIONS For 6th Edition
  8. Champions Sneak Peeks: The Cover; The Superhero Gallery; Page 56
  9. CHAMPIONS Cover Wallpapers
  10. CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE: What Do *You* Want To See?
  11. Champions Universe Book and Champions Online
  12. Looking for an answer from the PnP community
  13. CO vs PnP:vs RL Desert Locations
  14. How does Specialization work in the PnP?
  15. What is Dr. Destroyer's place in 6th edition?
  16. Are there two Qwyjibos?
  17. Cryptic Chat In The Hero Games Chat Rooms, Monday March 22
  18. Anyone up for a VOIP game? (interest check)
  19. Reminder: Cryptic Chat In The Hero Games Chat Room, Monday March 22
  20. Cryptic In The Hero Games Chat Rooms Tonight! (Monday, March 22)
  21. Can't grasp Hero System
  22. what is IAF,IIF,and OAF ?
  23. Most recent major attack/devastation in Champions lore?
  24. Looking for 4th edition Champions write-ups
  25. CotN Outtakes Available
  26. CHAMPIONS VILLAINS: What Do *You* Want To See?
  27. Why arent we geting more stuff from this pnp game?
  28. Champions PnP Oil Company for Character Background
  29. Maptool Champions 6th MMO-parallel game - interest?
  30. Who are the big wigs of Champions?
  31. Robert Caliburn Questions
  32. How much DC is enough?
  33. My Power Armor (part 1)
  34. The 13th Dweller
  35. Goodbye Elemental Control Framework
  36. Question, who is... Flamewing? Or something like that...
  37. Starting out with PnP
  38. Who Created Mechon? Dr.Willy maybe XD
  39. Question to all PnP Players.
  40. Are we still fighting in Iraq?
  41. I'm too lazy to Google
  42. What is the Champions version of Bizzaro World called?
  43. CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE Sneak Peek #1: The Cover!
  44. CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE Now Available In PDF And Character Pack Formats!
  45. Who's That Hero!?
  46. Kigatilik backstory?
  47. CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE Now Available!
  48. How old is Viper?
  49. Do any of the PnP creators play CO?
  50. Linking Sunburst & Burning Sands
  51. My Champions character POD novel
  52. I'm thinking about starting up the pen and pencil..
  53. Champions Moon Lore
  54. Question? What other Dr's. Did Destroyer knew?
  55. Female Nephilims?
  56. Africa is shoved up Asia's backside because....?
  57. Dr. Destroyers greatest creation?
  58. CO vs PnP stats
  59. Questions regarding magic and planes of existence in the Champions universe
  60. Insectoid races?
  61. Dragon mounts?
  62. What do Malvans look like?
  63. CHAMPIONS VILLAINS Sneak Peek: The Triptych Cover!
  64. Now Available: CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE
  65. The Police, are they more epic in the Rpg than game?
  66. Going to Start Champs PnP
  67. Xenovore Drawing Attempt- Be Gentle ;)
  68. About the Gadroon...
  69. What Editions are suggested?
  70. Villian Side on PnP?
  71. Pnp chamions online?
  72. Regarding Lemurians and other undersea civilizations...
  73. Forum Malvanum!
  74. The Hunter-Patriots?
  75. Just askin' for my own general knowledge
  76. Fantasy Champions - which sourcebook?
  77. What are Malvan names like?
  78. Sad Day at Speedknob's Lair
  79. CHAMPIONS VILLAINS Volume 1 Now Available In PDF
  80. Vampire Lore
  81. Fantasy Grounds 2 Rule set for Hero Games
  82. Lore Questions for Steve
  83. Kings of Edom
  84. Waaait a minute!
  85. Tech level & availability of high tech gear in Champions-verse
  86. Mystic world question for steve...
  87. CHAMPIONS VILLAINS Volume 1 Now Available!
  88. CHAMPIONS VILLAINS Volume 2 Now Available In PDF!
  89. Der Totenkopf?
  90. Tachyon and Ripper Lore
  91. CHAMPIONS BEYOND: What Do *You* Want To See?
  92. Anyone in Toronto play PnP Champions?
  93. Help with my Holiday Shopping
  94. CHAMPIONS VILLAINS Volume 3 Now Available In PDF!
  95. HERO Games STR vs CO STR
  96. Menton?
  97. Champions Heroes?
  98. A New Mayor for Mc?
  99. Mechanon Lives!
  100. Left? Right? Middle?
  101. Rights to CU
  102. So about a zombie apocalypse.....
  103. Captain Chronos Picture?
  104. Are there actually Champion's comics?
  105. World war 2 alternate history
  106. Hero Games 2012 PnP schedule
  107. Anyone know what books have artwork of Mechanon?
  108. Typical Empyrean Powers
  109. STR Values?
  110. How's "Champions Beyond" coming along?
  111. Champions Pen and Paper group in NJ
  112. Multifaria
  113. Question about universes
  114. CHAMPIONS BEYOND Sneak Peek: The Cover!
  115. Where to buy champions universe in new englandt
  116. What books would be good for lore
  117. CHAMPIONS BEYOND Now Available In PDF Form!
  118. The Kings of Edom
  119. Villians 2 book
  120. Will Champions Universe ever be available in Kindle format?
  121. Dragons
  122. StarGuard
  123. yippi got villians 2 in
  124. Anyone playing Champions PnP in Central Arkansas? Anyone playing over voice chat?
  125. Just got Destroyers book
  126. July 3, 1981...
  127. Book Of The Empress
  128. Lore: The Elder Worms?
  129. European heroes?
  130. Talisman, Battle of Detroit
  131. What year is it?
  132. Crown of Edom Side Guards
  133. Villain Questions
  134. Champions Books in the UK
  135. Questions Concerning Snake Gulch
  136. Question about PDFs
  137. Question about the Cosmology of the Champions Universe
  138. Whats the best option for info on The Drifter?
  139. Destruga?
  140. What are the Roin'esh
  141. Psychopomps in the setting?
  142. Reading the manuals, is amazed.
  143. are VIPER and ARGENT allies?
  144. Y'know what'd be handy? A list of available books...
  145. Questionite
  146. Stores in Denmark?
  147. Race template creator?
  148. Does a canon race fits this description?
  149. what villains from PnP would you like to see in game?
  150. what colour is draysha?
  151. trey kings and the qlipthophic horrors
  152. What Real Life or Fictional City do YOU campaign in?
  153. therakiel
  154. A History of the Champions (current team)
  155. Sigh
  156. Regarding the revised Roin'esh and lore.
  157. VIPER's "Tribal God"
  158. Gods and Demigods
  159. Book Of The Empress Kickstarter
  160. is there a book with ghost veil in it?
  161. Questions regarding Champions tabletop
  162. Champions lore is... awesome!
  163. Questions about metahumans in the Champions-verse
  164. Omicron Technology
  165. [Unofficial Lore] Northern Guard III
  166. MYTHIC HERO Kickstarter
  167. Champions Universe Pics Thread
  168. Looking for some Vibora Bay Infoz
  169. Lore and Such In Game
  170. [Lore] A Truncated Timeline of the CO Universe
  171. Champions LARP Kickstarter
  172. Thought I should let you know...
  173. Questions about The Warlord and other independent groups
  174. Question about Hero System 6
  175. Champions Villains 3: Solo Villains Kickstarter is LIVE
  176. Question concerning VIPER.
  177. Telepathic Heroes
  178. PnP help! Power frameworks!
  179. Help with advantage/limitation maths
  180. Origin of Mega-Terak
  181. Alien Languages
  182. Primus
  183. Champions Complete Announced
  184. New Millennium Champions Writeups: Defender
  185. Who was Night Eagle?
  186. knights
  187. Nobody expects the Mandaarian Hugs and Kiss-ion!
  188. Champions or Dark Champions?
  189. Questions about Empyreans
  190. A good brick at 350 points
  191. Hmm...how to adapt a character's backstory to the Champions Universe?
  192. Super-science and the magic gene
  193. Hurricane Sandy PnP RPG Relief Bundle
  194. What happens to ex-VIPER if the authorities realize?
  195. Need Help
  196. Champions: Laws, Ethics, or Moral rules?
  197. Champs 4th edition
  198. P&P game being played online - recruiting
  199. Gadroon Invasions?
  200. A military group question...
  201. Hero in 2 pages available from Paizo
  202. Still Freefrom Crash
  203. [Lore] A Truncated Timeline of the CO Universe (Revival of a Thread)
  204. TheQuestionMan's Pet Projects
  205. CO Vehicles in P&P?
  206. V&V Creator wins Game Rights
  207. [New Product] The Hercules Force Be With Us!
  208. Link to HERO Games on homepage?
  209. Champions vs.... Batman!
  210. Villain background help, if possible
  211. Parapsychology Studies Institute :3
  212. Gadroon History?
  213. Champions Alternate Lore: Champions Ultimate!
  214. Need info on telepathy and how it works lorewise in the Champions universe.
  215. For our new friends at Cryptic North:
  216. 2013 ENnies Announced
  217. [Lore] A Hstory of the Champions (repost)
  218. Psychic Villain/Terrorist Organization help
  219. [Lore] An Unofficial History of Cyberlord
  220. Looking for a site about Champions
  221. Information on Tiger Squad, China's official superteam?
  222. Is Champions' PnP world still ending in four years?
  223. The Ban
  224. A few questions about the Lemurians/Bleak Ones
  225. What the Books Actually Say About Club Caprice
  226. Stronghold Containment Facilities
  227. Doctor Destroyer and Psionic dampener tech?
  228. Shadow destroyer- energy drain?
  229. how would mind control feel from the viewpoint of the victim?
  230. Doctor Destroyer ruled the world? exactly when and how?
  231. Need Champions Villains Vol. 1-3?
  232. All heroes super strong in PnP?
  233. Champions Universe: Unique Character Origins
  234. Malvans on the Kardishev scale, where would they be?
  235. Hero System Bundle of Holding
  236. [Lore] The Mighty Canadians
  237. Can I get some info on undersea sentient races in champions?
  238. Hero Games Website Changes Forthcoming
  239. No info on dragons?
  240. INS and Superpowered Refugees
  241. Power Surpressing/Draining Drugs or Chemicals in CU?
  242. Resurrection Cults in the CU
  243. Villains/organizations who kidnap children to clone them?
  244. Tunguska Explosion?
  245. Socrates Question (does she keep secrets)
  246. Who is the Scarlet Shield?
  247. Gadroon Deathstar
  248. Very Sad News
  249. UNTIL recruitment
  250. Warlord's Lore?