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  1. Soundtrack CD
  2. Chat Audio Prompts
  3. Black Talon Speech Cut Entirely?
  4. sound effects to quiet....
  5. Re-purposed Sounds
  6. Bite sound effect
  7. Opinion of the Audio so Far
  8. good but
  9. Still issues with no sound
  10. Option to Opt out Zone Intro
  11. Jet Boots - too loud
  12. Rocket Jump - Annoying repeating noise during big leaps
  13. Eye Beams sound is too loud and screechy
  14. Ambient sounds?
  15. PowerHouse, stop the silly neck cracking
  16. The Maximum Volume of SOUND FX needs to be raised quite a bit.
  17. POWER REPLACER Costume Unlocks do not carry Sound Effects, and need to!
  18. More western Music.
  19. Sound volume louder when strafing?
  20. "Centered" sounds are WAY too quiet
  21. Squeaky Flight Noise
  22. Ironclad
  23. Is it me or does Defender sound like...
  24. Audio player question
  25. No sound, not realtek.
  26. Simple feature request: Loop music infinitely.
  27. Where's the music?
  28. Problem with Sound (Headset) !
  29. DIFFERENT Sound Problem: Hear everything but my OWN effects
  30. -Squee- A moment of amazedness after a rough time
  31. Re-used sounds, the client is now gold when will they be replaced?
  32. Shotgun sound
  33. Make The Voices In My Head Stoppp
  34. ".. a high-frequency signal that drives the Qularr crazy"
  35. 64 Bit Vista
  36. Prison Break Chaos!
  37. Question regarding sound options
  38. Please lower jetboot sound volume - quite annoying.
  39. Please stop them cracking there necks!!
  40. Fighting sounds (animation sounds) sometimes disappear
  41. Eye Beams annoying
  42. Crippling Challenge sound, my opinion.
  43. Artistic Criticism of CO Music
  44. Theme Song = MP3 Purchase?
  45. Doppler Effect
  46. Different menu sound
  47. Too much reverb on voices
  48. Rakshasa dialogue re-recorded?
  49. Shadow Bolt sounds like I'm playing squash
  50. Change the music? *Custom?
  51. Dodge
  52. Foot steps?
  53. Thank You For The Music Option!
  54. New sound when using beatdown
  55. sounds of explosions?!
  56. No Audio: Win 7 64-bit Creative
  57. Menu Sound
  58. Music Loop
  59. Assault Rifle
  60. Mission objects need sound effect
  61. Is there fight music? If so, I don't notice.
  62. Please FIX the now missing Jet Boots sound
  63. What is this annoying new flight sound?
  64. Audio Troubleshooting. Having audio issues? Read on:
  65. Desert rumblings
  66. Stealth Boots
  67. Anyone else think superspeed is too *quiet*?
  68. City chatter, 'fockoo henna'
  69. Hilarious voice acting! :)
  70. Travel power volume option
  71. Monster Island Crisis cutscenes
  72. Need an option to loop background music
  73. ATTN: Solion & other 5.1 speaker users
  74. Energy builders are too loud
  75. Music Loop
  76. Super speed sound
  77. annoying logistic support for that very specific scenario
  78. Worst music in the game...
  79. Missing shotgun sound?
  80. For the love of god please change Eye Beam sound
  81. ARGENT Snow Thrush Sanctuary
  82. Machinery sound in Powerhouse Annoying
  83. Powerhouse trainers cracking their joints is fing annoying
  84. Jet boot audio still broken.
  85. Audio Trouble: Can't hear flight/skills
  86. Power Gauntlet--Needs more kick
  87. MP3 Request
  88. Wait, Chronomancer's the voice of Foxbat?!
  89. Running/Walking: Where are the Footfalls!
  90. Annoying Flight Sound: Not Exactly Audio Error?
  91. Headset & Mic?
  92. Laser Sword sounds like a slab of metal
  93. Bad audio spatialization
  94. PLEASE reduce/remove Quarry audio loop
  95. Haymaker has the same impact sound as clobber (the weakest punch in the game)
  96. Supervillain theme
  97. Hooray! Flight SFX is fixed!
  98. People Should Talk More - Voice Acting
  99. Change the sound in Club Caprice to Music
  100. Voice Over - Nemesis
  101. Rocket Boots lack rockety goodness
  102. Accolades and 2 suggestions
  103. Sound is messed up in Burial Mound @ Canada
  104. Did my hearing just get nerfed?
  105. Sound effects gone when using winamp?
  106. BUG - Nemesis Mission Sound FX
  107. Snake Gulch!
  108. A compliment, for once.
  109. The new Snake Gulch Theme
  110. Please add a new sound for TP
  111. Theme songs
  112. VIper Nest Ripper fight music?
  113. In game music player not working
  114. snake gultch?
  115. Need music loop
  116. Missing sounds or too low to hear?
  117. Audio Options - hardware, software, X-Fi?
  118. Cannot hear sword sound effects.
  119. Rocket Jump - Fantastic Audio, Devs!
  120. Maniac Female Nemesis audio sounds more savage than maniacal...
  121. Nemisis Mission Audio needs to be fixed.
  122. The Voice Acting Is Horrendous
  123. PLEASE change the horrible Steelhead noise
  124. is there indecation that Realtek is working on the "no sound" issue for Windows XP64-
  125. Issue: Looping Music
  126. Jet boots sound cutting out after 3rd stage
  127. For the love of god...
  128. City of Heroes Music?
  129. Your Thoughts on the BGM...
  130. My opinion on the music and audio FWIW
  131. Thumbs Up to the Unheard
  132. Munitions Pistol sounds are driving me nuts
  133. Music, Ambience, Setting, and Mood....
  134. Audio Related. Kinda :) New Champions Dance tune
  135. Retcon feels like a scam
  136. Eldritch Blast sound loop
  137. Vibora Bay: Musical Influences
  138. Not pleased with Rakashas new voice
  139. game feels empty add sounds!
  140. No footstep sounds?
  141. Let us make our own zone playlists
  142. The solution about the problem with Sound Effects and Music
  143. Backround Music BUGGED/Non-Existent
  144. Black Mist - the least stealthy ninja on Earth
  145. Cannot control Winamp Within CO
  146. Skarn's Bane sound effect is terrible
  147. Petition!!!!
  148. Power sound effects sound muffled/incomplete now, help?
  149. Club Caprice music
  150. Lemurian submarines cavitate..
  151. Ironclad Sounds
  152. All sound in game apart from music and interface now muffled
  153. Strange Rakshasa
  154. gatlin gun
  155. In-game music player
  156. Too silent Jet boots
  157. disregard
  158. Shotgun sound effect a is little weak...
  159. I LOVE the music in this game...a question though...
  160. Defile's sound effect is terrable
  161. Computer Blips
  162. Please... (Martial Arts foci)
  163. I would love to travel around MC to this...
  164. What kind of Music Program do you guys use?
  165. music loop option
  166. i have no sound, at all :S
  167. Thunderclap
  168. Virtual Ipod
  169. Footsteps
  170. Missing: Voices of Villains
  171. Aspect of the Infernal Power Effect
  172. Alternate Munition Weapons Sound
  173. Audio Difficulties
  174. Is there a way to turn off a power's sound?
  175. Quieter Drones please.
  176. Ability to set our own music-selections?
  177. A familiar sound we have not heard.
  178. Voice of that fat guy from the Oceanica 408
  179. Devour Essence missing sound when visual fx setting is 'low'
  180. Big Weapon Powerset audio suggestion
  181. Nemesis theme music needed
  182. Shouldn't Our Characters Have Voices?
  183. Computer sounds are too loud
  184. Volunteering voices
  185. Heavy weapons, the new short swords?
  186. Daunting inferno
  187. Rainbow Cloud Music!
  188. The Sound of Roaring Jets?
  189. No Machinegunfire in Canada
  190. I came back for this, and you'll drive me away again.
  191. Weapon SFX
  192. Blade and Dual Blade weapon sounds
  193. Pillar of Poz's New Rumble
  194. "Mom's Basement" ambient sound seems wrong.
  195. Mute Nemesis?
  196. In support of the voice acting.
  197. Is my acrobatics supposed to explode?
  198. Defender sounds kinda... suggested...
  199. Where are the old Nemesis noises?
  200. Sound Blaster X-fi Audio issues
  201. Silence is NOT Golden.
  202. That weird interior droning sound
  203. About Heavy Weapon FX
  204. Where is the game soundtrack?
  205. The music in 'The Void' video
  206. About Blade Archetype SFX
  207. Minefield Music
  208. Some kind of voice lag?
  209. Loving the indoor Whiteout music.
  210. Hugging is fun...
  211. The most annoying audio clips that need to get reworked / improved / fixed
  212. Hyena-Swine, is he mute?
  213. When you score the moon zone....
  214. A question for Cryptic
  215. What games do you think have the best audio?
  216. Who owns copyright to Resistance Background music
  217. I'm Thinking of Starting a Game Audio Blog
  218. Too much silence and too little music
  219. My first Game where i turn off the music
  220. I Love Gravitar
  221. Red Winter Siren
  222. No sound
  223. Tunes from the game
  224. Music for the future Moon Zone
  225. Green Dragon
  226. Jet Boots
  227. Qliphoth Realm Music
  228. Does it count as "audio feedback" if I leave my feedback in audio form?
  229. Exocet Lightning Coil
  230. Musical game-event sounds
  231. Command Line Itunes At startup?
  232. I want to hear your audio...
  233. Ego Form/Id Mastery aura sounds need to fade.
  234. Wielded weapons and audio SFX
  235. New gun sounds please.
  236. XP Boost plus
  237. Bison Model G