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  1. Hero Games (PVP) Feedback Posts
  2. Travel Powers in PvP
  3. Acclaim reward amounts too low
  4. Block. Block. Block. Block. Block. Block.Block....Uh..Block.
  5. New PvP Arena
  6. you have to do something about teleport and kb powers.
  7. A possible solution to travelpowers.
  8. PvP queue breaking?
  9. Booster pills
  10. Need a CO PvP veteran to...
  11. Force Eruption usable while held--OP?
  12. Melee in PVP
  13. Devs, guild vs. guild?
  14. Dr. Baltimore: Undisputed King of PvP
  15. Powers Working Differently the PVE
  16. Hmm... damage, or hit points.
  17. This is not PVP this is Ice/Force Field
  18. The real problem with Ice.
  19. What do you do about it?
  20. The game is new - Do you want some cheese with that whine?
  21. Devs.... I'm pretty sure this is a easy thing to do.
  22. Death Ray advantage (Experimental Blaster) should work in PvP
  23. Ahhh i wanna play i preordered d2d
  24. Ice Shards - OP?
  25. Taking bets on...
  26. Matches are TOOOOOO Long for so Little reward
  27. Whatever that Ice Power Is...
  28. Munitions in pvp
  29. Medical Drones break PvP
  30. 1st Impressions of PvP
  31. Hmm.. leeching
  32. tractor beam vs iron lariat as a means of pulling stuff
  33. strength and weakness
  34. Teams in Arenas?
  35. Best of PvP?
  36. Variation in PvP: Classes
  37. A draw button should be added and teleport should be nerfed.
  38. Throwable objects in High Tech?
  39. Ice form worth it for pvp?
  40. All around build
  41. I'd love to see some more maps for the Hero Games
  42. Travel powers in pvp
  43. My Only suggestion for balancing PVP
  44. Teleport in PVP - Unfair?
  45. How about.. i dunno.. Knockback Immunity?
  46. List of problems with powers/pvp
  47. Community Guide for Melee Characters in PvP
  48. Whelp regen and and Inv. are about right but teleport is now breaking PvP.
  49. Opinions on the build.
  50. For fun: What is the most 'pathetic' build atm? (Aug 31)
  51. PVP for the new
  52. Ratio on Character Screen? Win / Loss / ?
  53. Ice Slide in PVP
  54. FotMines (Flavor of the month)
  55. Teleport needs a cool down or ?
  56. So what powers are really OVER POWERED?
  57. Can someone describe the different pvp arenas for me?
  58. Permanent Hold
  59. Sorc at 40 anyone?
  60. Chaining CC just a little ridiculous...
  61. Simple PVP Request
  62. Pets in PVP / Build Questions
  63. Healing Reduction Powers?
  64. -100% resistance toggle
  65. Televise Hero Matches
  66. Regarding Balance
  67. Defiance or Invuln for PvP Might?
  68. Do you use Avenger in PvP?
  69. Please, whatever you do, keep fights long
  70. IDEA: offensive stance gets resistance to control powers
  71. STR stat broken?
  72. PvP impressions from a casual PvE/PvP type
  73. PVP Noob, PVP Questions?
  74. - travel power.....powers
  75. Speed of Backpedling
  76. About the Hero Games
  77. Ego + Str - Hold = Held
  78. Acclaim is a bit low
  79. Has EXP been removed from PvP?
  80. Chill seems a bit overpowered - needs a tweak
  81. Auto-grouping in pvp?
  82. Taser Arrow: How do you counter it?
  83. Mini Mines or lack of skill in pvp
  84. You nerf everything...
  85. Omg!!!
  86. Form, PFF or Regen? What's The New Wisdom?
  87. Might can actually kill stuff now...
  88. perks in PVP maps
  89. PvP is broken
  90. unstoppable force meets an immovable object
  91. Sep. 2: Flavors of the Day
  92. Ego Sprites and Slave Mentality
  93. Nerf Celestial.
  94. Is it just me, or are the PVP rewards worthless?
  95. Suggestion: Make PVP rewards better then average.
  96. Rate/adjust my PvP healer/CC
  97. Hero games turning to teleporter fest...
  98. Melee pvp advice pls
  99. What travel power for my melee character?
  100. There is no point in passive offenses.
  101. My fix for teleport
  102. Defence of Teleporting in PVP
  103. Uber Ice Build
  104. PvP tweaks: If it was up to me (tm)
  105. Proposed Counters to TP (for those that need the info)
  106. Losing Stars in Hero Games
  107. For anyone who has an opinion of PvP and OP Powers
  108. Thunderbolt Lunge and Hurl travel power removal
  109. delete
  110. teleport has got to stop, okay?
  111. Zone in and Game Over
  112. Stealth in PvP
  113. PvP Bug: Permanent hold that persists after respawning.
  114. Talisman and MindSlayer in Apocalypse
  115. Favorite PvP arena
  116. Ego Blast
  117. Not sure what all the crying is about....
  118. What heal should I use?
  119. stop the whining about travel skills and learn to play.
  120. PvP importance in CO :P
  121. Can't chose munitions powers :S
  122. Feedback Post
  123. Advice on a Force PvP Build
  124. Fix CC in PVP!
  125. Fix CC in PVP!
  126. Claw spec passives
  127. End or Ego for superstat
  128. Your most common stat combinations?
  129. Teleport OP? Not really.
  130. How to Fix Teleport : In Gameplay
  131. i am very overpowered
  132. Some matches unwinnable
  133. Faulty kill counter in Cage Match?
  134. PVP rewards - Pictures?
  135. Does anyone NOT have pyre and mini mines in high level pvp?
  136. Good thing I picked STR and EGO as my super stats
  137. Gadgeteer viable in pvp?
  138. Completely invincible in pvp ! explain me how its possible ?
  139. Range shouldn't matter with height.
  140. Why are maps limited to certain level brackets?
  141. What EXACTLY do you need to break Holds?
  142. Explain this...
  143. Confuse in PVP?
  144. Big heal after Teleport?
  145. Please add....
  146. Tier 3 pvp games
  147. Some TK Questions...
  148. Little research on team composition on tier 2 bracket and predicting who wins.
  149. Apocalypse NPC Death Penalty
  150. Defensive Passives should reduce your damage output.
  151. Nerf this and that!
  152. PvP does not reward Support Players
  153. Suddnely, i am waaay much more skilled...
  154. Is there a PvP guide somewhere?
  155. Why melee is underpowered.
  156. PvP itemization, problem and the solution.
  157. Good but not cheap pvp build?
  158. So does anyone know how to get the arena perks?
  159. Elec any good in PvP?
  160. Tracking Kills/Deaths?
  161. Taser Arrow
  162. PvP is a huge disappointment
  163. Stonghold is a one sided match
  164. Powers not performing well?
  165. Please do not nerf the fun of PVE because of PVP
  166. PvP is dead.
  167. Can someone please clear up exactly how status resist works?
  168. PvP Perk Thread - Consolidated
  169. Perfect solution to balance pvp
  170. Who should pvp and who shouldn't pvp.
  171. Trident of the Elemental Master
  172. Anti Teleport TK / TP power?
  173. Pvp maps get quite boring
  174. New open pvp zone
  175. Is it me or..
  176. So attacks can be Blocked, when I'm attacking from BEHIND?
  177. How to win pvp matches 99.99% of the time
  178. Xbox 360 controller and PvP arena
  179. Bash?
  180. 26 Days
  181. PvP (Hero Games) needs a LOT of work (suggestions)
  182. Something Needs to be done about CC
  183. PvP Change Suggestion for Teleport
  184. Melee on Teams
  185. Teleport is rigged!!!!!
  186. If You nerf TP...
  187. Nightmare pets
  188. So basically :P, I wanted to heal. Am I playing the wrong game
  189. Test Client overworking GPU?
  190. Teams/solo
  191. Tab targetting prioritisation
  192. pvp super laggy for anyone else?
  193. Melee doomed in pvp?
  194. Focused fire?
  195. Thoughts on Hold Resistance?
  196. No fun in PvP anymore
  197. xp calculation for pvp
  198. Why do only villains get life drain in stronghold?
  199. Cage Match
  200. Nerf Melee!
  201. Hero Game XP
  202. what team am i on?
  203. Shoddy level boosting makes PvP meaningless.
  204. Two game breaking stronghold issues
  205. Suggestion on fixing melee
  206. 10-20 bracket down?
  207. Hero Games Record - #'s mean what?
  208. A proposed solution to PvE/PvP balancing.
  209. Total power shutdown?
  210. Any Other Exploration Perks in Arenas?
  211. wow. 21-30 PVP is really bad :/
  212. Itemization, competition, and what needs to be done.
  213. Union Man! Nobody Can Hear You Scream In Space!
  214. Done with PvP I think
  215. Dev response to Teleport issue?
  216. Is Archery Viable in PvP?
  217. Simple poll
  218. Crippling Challenge does not work?
  219. Making PvP scoring more sophisticated
  220. Easiest way to fix PvP problems that requires NO NERFING!
  221. Where would you fight?
  222. Single Blade-Fire PVP Build
  223. Limited to where we battle based on level?
  224. Might lvl 13 and already ownin...
  225. Hero Games are Hard
  226. Which attribute increases your chance of landing Chill?
  227. Best Energy Form for PVP?
  228. Devs--Small PvP recap
  229. Tonight has been a teleport fest, all fun sucked out of pvp.
  230. PvP Zones?
  231. Binding of aratron vs Ego Choke?
  232. The Crybaby Compendium
  233. [video] lvl 30 PVP (Ice)
  234. How To PvP Like A Pro # 3 : E=MC Teleport
  235. Does the Head Trauma Advantage for Uppercut help in PVP?
  236. @ The State of PVP
  237. My thoughts on PvP
  238. Stronghold match XP
  239. Auto Leveling Kills PvP
  240. PvP L2P
  241. Apocalypse Score Counter
  242. What I want...
  243. Game Breaker
  244. DEVS: Effort + Skill = Effectiveness Formula
  245. Lvling through PVP
  246. Make blocking take energy
  247. Involved Questions for People in the Know: Powers Related
  248. Hero Games and Travel Powers:
  249. Knockback
  250. Healing?